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Friends, if you follow along on twitter or Facebook, you know it’s been an inconvenient weekend. I’m really focusing and honing in on that word – inconvenient. And I’m going to take a diversionary moment from our regularly scheduled programming  just to talk about a thing.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I woke up to Eric getting out of bed to let the puppy out. The other dog and I were all snuggled up and warm and I was grateful that he was making the trek with her out to the cold. Especially since I was so dog-tired I hadn’t even heard her fuss.  But then I realized I had to pee anyway – and hurried to get that done before he came back with her. You see, if Fred saw me, she’d get excited and then none of us would get back to sleep. It was some time between 2-3AM. I wanted to get back to sleep. And somewhere in my sleep haze, I thought I heard Eric talking with someone really loud outside – but that couldn’t be right, because who would he be talking too?

When I ventured downstairs, I walked into a darkened room where my outside door was standing wide open. Fred saw me and started running in and out and in a flash, I was creeped the hell out. This wasn’t right. Eric would never leave that door flapping around in the cold/dark and where is he anyway? We live near a University and sometimes bad things happen. Then I recalled the loud talking and thought to myself –

“I think I’m about to find my husband dead on the lawn.  I should probably put some shoes on.” 

Because your brain doesn’t work quite right when you wake up that way. And you really aren’t even awake anyway. But you’re wanting to go confront whatever is going on in the world – get your husband’s back –  in your pjs – but most definitely with shoes on. It’s at that point, I hear the gate and Eric’s voice acknowledging me, and I start breathing again. He tells me that some fool just hit my car and fled the scene. He didn’t see it, but our neighbor did – that’s who he was talking with – and that is probably what woke the puppy up.  *sigh*

Friends, the car is pretty bad. Like, had to be towed away on a flat bed  because it’s undriveable, bad. The past 48 hours have involved 3AM police reports, multiple insurance phone calls (luckily, I have great insurance), multiple car rental phone calls, lots of discussions about our theoretical options depending on whether the adjuster decides the car should be totaled or fixed, a shout out to social media in hopes of finding the mercedes that damaged me (he/she left pieces behind), and so many people telling me how ANGRY I should be.

So here’s the thing – I’m not angry.

Inconvenienced, yes. Frustrated, yes – more by the car rental place than the accident. Disappointed, certainly – that someone would do this and drive off abandoning their responsibility. I have a strong belief about the karma of property damage. Worried that I’m going to have to go car shopping when I really hadn’t planned on that right now – yup. I really, really like my car. It wasn’t a luxury car, but it was still pretty nice, and it was mine and all paid off.

But angry? Not so much.

It’s not because of the earthy, crunchy yoga stereotype thing. I do get angry. Maybe it has a little to do with thinking your husband might be dead for a minute really puts things into perspective. Or that a friend of mine was in an AWFUL accident a few weeks ago and miraculously walked away with bruises/scratches – that tends to lend some perspective as well. But mostly because I don’t think this is the sort of thing to waste my anger on. There are lots of things to be angry about – children being mistreated, the lack of resources/support for our veterans returning home, that people are irresponsible with their animals, etc. Those things deserve anger – in its use as a motivator to take productive action.

Getting angry because my personal vehicle was damaged by a reckless person, and after it was towed away they couldn’t get me a substitute vehicle fast enough to please me does not make me a productive person – it makes me a douche-nozzle. Stomping around, sulking and pouting is not really DOING ANYTHING.  Anger gets confused with productivity. Anger is not productive. It wastes time and energy and makes everyone else around you miserable with you.

I have found a useful tool when I am confronted by situations that would/should make me angry – I ask myself how I want to be remembered when this situation has passed. The only way to be remembered that way is to begin acting in that manner now – and I let that guide me. I do not want to be remembered by my husband as an angry person who sulked and shouted into the phone all weekend. I want to be the person who took care of the details, got the ball rolling on fixing the problem and then used the small amount of time we get together to enjoy myself. I choose not to be the angry person. I choose to be the productive person. I choose to be the grateful person.  Wait. Grateful?

Grateful. I am lucky.  First, and most importantly, as far as I know – no one was hurt. I assume the driver of the other car was not because they were well enough to drive away.  I am grateful that this happened while the car was parked without Eric or I or the dogs anywhere near it. Next, I can afford to have my own car – among other things. I have insurance, and we have a second vehicle. When phone calls got frustrating – we took a break to go out to eat, and then we went to the grocery store and re-stocked all our supplies. Because that needed done and we can do that. There are MANY, MANY people that cannot say any of those things. I am VERY grateful for my privilege and my good health that lets me commit to hard work to provide for my home. Eric & I are not wealthy people, but we have more than we need.

Do I forfeit my right or ability to be upset about this crappy thing happening because I have worked hard and can afford these things? No. I don’t believe that. Again, I’m frustrated and sad. I really thought reaching out to the 1000+ connections that we hit via social media that we’d yield some fruit on tracking down the car that did this – but nothing so far. I’m a little steamed that it was a mercedes that hit me and drove off  – which even used was probably worth a lot more than my car. But I do believe it’s better for me to spend my time acknowledging that this will pass, and that when it is over, I do not want to be the angry person. 

I am not angry. I am inconvenienced. That is different. It’s important to know the difference.


…seeing as how the puppy has taken to defending me from the vacuum cleaner and the mop.

Smart, smart girl.

Love –

I think she’s about to get frightened by the dust rag handpuppets too but let’s not ask questions, ‘kay?


Fred. Around 13 weeks.


I was thinking about Christmas lights and sunrise this morning, and this photo from the end of September came to mind. I miss sunrise. Not that I’m not awake for it – I’m usually up way before sunrise these days, but I miss *experiencing* it. Being out in it. Breathing it in. It’s hard to explain. The air feels & smells different at sunrise. These days, I am usually either already at work or on the highway commuting when sunrise passes. *sigh*  I miss feeling the world wake up & get the day started around me. Oh well, the days will be longer soon enough.

So – some good things!

First – I finally got a decent run in!! YAY! Just 3 miles on the treadmill – but peeps – you have no idea how awesome it felt! Dropped into a groove and could’ve kept on going for awhile had common sense not dictated differently. It was nice to feel like my mechanics were finally coordinating well again.  I haven’t had a decent run – when I’ve felt like running at all – since before Thanksgiving. Not entirely pain free – the knee still feels a bit wonky, but things are getting back on track and just in time too.  For those who aren’t friends with me on FB – I had a bit of a nasty fall down some stairs right before Thanksgiving that threw my hips off – which in turn threw off everything else – and now has worked its way down to my knees. My form has been JUNK – like, literally looking at my arm and asking it ‘why are you flapping around that way? that’s not where you’re supposed to be!’ kind of JUNK!  BUT – not yesterday! Yesterday was GLORIOUS!!!! And just in time too…

Because – second – I picked a training group for Spring. I’ve been running with the same group for the past 4 years, but decided to go a different direction this year. I’ll be running with JFT Training. It’s a new group run by one of the coaches I had before and I anticipate that it will be a much smaller group. More personal. Several people I enjoy running with are moving over to train there as well. Hopefully it’s a good decision. Right now I feel like it will be. Which brings part of the plan into focus…

Next, I need to work on the mileage breakdowns by week for RTB and get a schedule written for hillwork and speedwork. And start getting this body off the treadmill and back on the pavement & trails!


First off, ya’ll – that’s not me in the picture*.

Drove up to Lexington over the weekend to see my Run the Bluegrass peeps and gather a bunch of inspiration up in the form of what I call “big sky” pictures. In my book, there is no better way to motivate for a race than to gather friends and actually get on the course. This past Saturday was the second of several training runs set up by RTB on the actual course (next one is Jan 11th – come!) Since I couldn’t join in for the run itself (injury), I did the next best thing and got the camera out. 

This is the home stretch folks. The last .1 you push down on your way to 13.1. Sometimes to focus on the beginning, you need to see the end – get a good look at where you’re going.

It’s time to get a plan in gear – decide on a running group for the year, get the plan down in writing and get my head on straight.  RTB has it’s own 12-week plan on the website put together by Shannon Florea, so I’ll be taking a look at that – and probably joining one of my local running groups as well. I signed on for the “Director’s Challenge” at RTB – so a PR is my only option. Last time I down-sized to the 7-miler at the expo because I just didn’t feel ready. That will not be happening this year.

This year it will be 13.1 and there will be a PR.


*Photo is of Rachel Crabtree, the Assistant Race Director and Runner Experience Coordinator for RTB. No – we didn’t stage the shot. Rachel just kicks ass like that naturally.

Along came Fred

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Winifred, actually. But we call her Fred. 

After 3-4 months of talking and looking around, we drove more than an hour South on a Monday night back in November just to look at her and one other puppy, and after 20+ minutes of watching them play on a grassy knoll in the back of CVS parking lot – she had to come home with me.

5.2 lbs of fluff and shivering and burying her head in my arm. A whimper that sounds like a bird chirp every once in awhile. It took me less than an hour to fall head over heels in love with her, and the next two days to name her. I decided on Fred, Eric dressed it up fancy and made her a Winifred.

For the next 2 weeks, she didn’t want to fall asleep unless it was on one of our chests. Listening to our heartbeats and the sound of our breathing.

6 weeks later, she’s all long legs and teeth and pee and enthusiasm. Lots of enthusiasm! She’s more than tripled in size, and odds are she’ll more than triple again – though the vet can’t give me an estimate on how big she’ll get just yet. “Good sized” is what he says.  There’s a spot on her back that is changing to a lighter brown than the rest of her body. Her markings are fantastic. She wakes me up sometime between 4-5:00AM almost every day. Sometimes once before that. I haven’t heard my alarm clock in weeks. Which is good – I guess – for a dog that I want to be able to run with me in the early mornings. Be careful what you wish for.

She is definitely her mother’s dog.

Of the updates that I mentioned, she is the biggest one.


 Y’all – that title –  sometimes it’s like we’re all speaking through walkie-talkies with the acronyms for everything.

I thought about about acronyming ‘a somewhat likeable girl’  – except that that’s ASWL or ASWLG. Say that out loud. Go ahead. Dooooit.

No one wants to be an ‘asswall’, or to be ‘asswalling’.  Asswalling? What is asswa- ?  Back to our topic –

Last night I ventured down to MOTR to catch an interview Sam LeCure (@mrLeCure) was doing with C. Trent Rosecrans (@ctrent) & Josh Sneed (@joshsneed) for Blog Above Replacement.  Being that I had to miss Redsfest this year (& yet another opportunity to meet Sam in person),as soon as I heard about the event, it was on my calendar. I needed an injection of baseball talk. And y’all know I’m a big fan of Sam’s.

Friends – *that* was a DAMN GOOD TIME!  A LeCure interview is always worth listening too anyway – but WOW! That’s a good one and I strongly encourage you to listen to it all the way through (*cough* onceitsbeenposted *cough* – ctrent?) Some nice points, good stories (which got even better after the recording was off) and further confirmation of #63’s good-guy status in my world.  The bar kept the crowd on the small side so the venue felt more intimate than anything you’d find elsewhere. It was a really nice time.

This is also the part where I tell you I finally met him. Twice. Kind of. The first time I almost bumped straight into him and it startled me so much to realize who I’d avoided knocking into that I didn’t say anything.  But after everything was done and he was doing some signing of things – I sucked up the VERY BIG LUMP OF NERVES in my throat and went over to introduce myself. Except then he looked at me and said “I think I already know who you are, but go ahead -”

And any of the 3,000 gajillion cool things that I thought I might have said went straight ‘out my head. I should’ve expected an awesome pitcher to catch me off guard on my turn to bat. 🙂

What? You know who I am? Dude! That’s not how this goes! HAAHA! Yeah. Tongue-tied.  And then some lame fangirl crap came out of my mouth, but that’s okay. I met Sam! How cool is that? I’ll take lame for a minute over not at all. I’d put up a tweet earlier in the day that said I’d have on a scarf if he saw me in the crowd, so I can only guess that’s how he knew.  I’ll also say that I talked to his girlfriend for a minute or two in passing and she is so nice! I always like seeing nice people together. 

Also – MOTR has food!! How did I not know this already?!! I saw online that they had a menu so the Mr. & I went down early to get a burger. It was pretty good! Peeps – MOTR is a block from the yoga studio where I teach and I did not know they had food.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve been in the studio late and left to venture forth for sustenance when I would rather have stayed nearby to go back – like on Final Friday Acro nights or after my Thursday night class ends. NOW I KNOW! Food – it’s good for you. Also – MOTR has a writer’s night of sorts that I think I want to get details on.

So anyway – once the recording gets posted – go take a listen if you’ve got time for a laugh or two. I think the next CDOT is at MOTR sometime in January. Go check that out too!

It is 4:37am and I have come to realize I am out of coffee. Well – *almost* out of coffee.

And I have concocted some – thing – to drink in it’s stead out of the few precious remaining coffee grounds, and other ingredients.

It is NOT. GOOD.


I have had to chase ONE of my slippers up and down the stairs twice already.

And found myself standing out in the side yard – in only one slipper and my bathrobe – asking a whirring ball of fur – ‘have you peed yet?’ – repeatedly.

Friends, I think Wednesday is mad at me. And it’s my turn to drive carpool to the office.

Got 3 posts sitting  in draft to get y’all up to speed with the latelies –  but need a bit more caffeine in my world first.

And I should probably find my slipper.