BAR at MOTR for the CDOT for #63

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 Y’all – that title –  sometimes it’s like we’re all speaking through walkie-talkies with the acronyms for everything.

I thought about about acronyming ‘a somewhat likeable girl’  – except that that’s ASWL or ASWLG. Say that out loud. Go ahead. Dooooit.

No one wants to be an ‘asswall’, or to be ‘asswalling’.  Asswalling? What is asswa- ?  Back to our topic –

Last night I ventured down to MOTR to catch an interview Sam LeCure (@mrLeCure) was doing with C. Trent Rosecrans (@ctrent) & Josh Sneed (@joshsneed) for Blog Above Replacement.  Being that I had to miss Redsfest this year (& yet another opportunity to meet Sam in person),as soon as I heard about the event, it was on my calendar. I needed an injection of baseball talk. And y’all know I’m a big fan of Sam’s.

Friends – *that* was a DAMN GOOD TIME!  A LeCure interview is always worth listening too anyway – but WOW! That’s a good one and I strongly encourage you to listen to it all the way through (*cough* onceitsbeenposted *cough* – ctrent?) Some nice points, good stories (which got even better after the recording was off) and further confirmation of #63’s good-guy status in my world.  The bar kept the crowd on the small side so the venue felt more intimate than anything you’d find elsewhere. It was a really nice time.

This is also the part where I tell you I finally met him. Twice. Kind of. The first time I almost bumped straight into him and it startled me so much to realize who I’d avoided knocking into that I didn’t say anything.  But after everything was done and he was doing some signing of things – I sucked up the VERY BIG LUMP OF NERVES in my throat and went over to introduce myself. Except then he looked at me and said “I think I already know who you are, but go ahead -”

And any of the 3,000 gajillion cool things that I thought I might have said went straight ‘out my head. I should’ve expected an awesome pitcher to catch me off guard on my turn to bat. 🙂

What? You know who I am? Dude! That’s not how this goes! HAAHA! Yeah. Tongue-tied.  And then some lame fangirl crap came out of my mouth, but that’s okay. I met Sam! How cool is that? I’ll take lame for a minute over not at all. I’d put up a tweet earlier in the day that said I’d have on a scarf if he saw me in the crowd, so I can only guess that’s how he knew.  I’ll also say that I talked to his girlfriend for a minute or two in passing and she is so nice! I always like seeing nice people together. 

Also – MOTR has food!! How did I not know this already?!! I saw online that they had a menu so the Mr. & I went down early to get a burger. It was pretty good! Peeps – MOTR is a block from the yoga studio where I teach and I did not know they had food.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve been in the studio late and left to venture forth for sustenance when I would rather have stayed nearby to go back – like on Final Friday Acro nights or after my Thursday night class ends. NOW I KNOW! Food – it’s good for you. Also – MOTR has a writer’s night of sorts that I think I want to get details on.

So anyway – once the recording gets posted – go take a listen if you’ve got time for a laugh or two. I think the next CDOT is at MOTR sometime in January. Go check that out too!

  1. ctr says:

    thanks for coming out — say hi to me next time, i’m no rock star like sam, but i’d like to at least say hello

    • Ha! I kinda tried when I came in but there was this very enthusiastic guy talking to you and…then a flurry of activity got you busy. You know, with your show. 🙂 My husband & I were sitting on the other side of that huge lamp.


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