Finally! A decent run & starting to work out the details

Posted: 12/24/2013 in Uncategorized


I was thinking about Christmas lights and sunrise this morning, and this photo from the end of September came to mind. I miss sunrise. Not that I’m not awake for it – I’m usually up way before sunrise these days, but I miss *experiencing* it. Being out in it. Breathing it in. It’s hard to explain. The air feels & smells different at sunrise. These days, I am usually either already at work or on the highway commuting when sunrise passes. *sigh*  I miss feeling the world wake up & get the day started around me. Oh well, the days will be longer soon enough.

So – some good things!

First – I finally got a decent run in!! YAY! Just 3 miles on the treadmill – but peeps – you have no idea how awesome it felt! Dropped into a groove and could’ve kept on going for awhile had common sense not dictated differently. It was nice to feel like my mechanics were finally coordinating well again.  I haven’t had a decent run – when I’ve felt like running at all – since before Thanksgiving. Not entirely pain free – the knee still feels a bit wonky, but things are getting back on track and just in time too.  For those who aren’t friends with me on FB – I had a bit of a nasty fall down some stairs right before Thanksgiving that threw my hips off – which in turn threw off everything else – and now has worked its way down to my knees. My form has been JUNK – like, literally looking at my arm and asking it ‘why are you flapping around that way? that’s not where you’re supposed to be!’ kind of JUNK!  BUT – not yesterday! Yesterday was GLORIOUS!!!! And just in time too…

Because – second – I picked a training group for Spring. I’ve been running with the same group for the past 4 years, but decided to go a different direction this year. I’ll be running with JFT Training. It’s a new group run by one of the coaches I had before and I anticipate that it will be a much smaller group. More personal. Several people I enjoy running with are moving over to train there as well. Hopefully it’s a good decision. Right now I feel like it will be. Which brings part of the plan into focus…

Next, I need to work on the mileage breakdowns by week for RTB and get a schedule written for hillwork and speedwork. And start getting this body off the treadmill and back on the pavement & trails!


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