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The husband caught a pic of me on the cell phone as I headed out with my running group on Tuesday night.  10 degrees.  And no, that’s not the coldest run I’ve done – 2 degrees is where I draw the line.


For the curious sort –

On top: First Ascent Base Layer under a Smartwool pullover under an oversized fleece jacket.

Bottom: Winter running tights under a pair of loose fleece pants.

2 layers of socks, 1 layer of gloves, a fleece scarf, my face-gator, an earwarmer (my Reds earwarmer!) under my fleece hat.

I’m a big believer in the power of fleece.  Also, I was sweating like a mo-fo and had pulled off the face-gator by the end of mile 1.

First off, I just like this photo. I don’t know why, because it’s not particularly likeable. It’s not nearly one of the good shots in the entire lot of photos.

One of my trips to Lexington to meet up with the Run the Bluegrass crew, I spent some time driving around taking shots of the route. Here and there I took pictures of street markers, more to use as reference points for when I pulled up the pics later. A divider. A marker between one batch of useful photos and another batch.  Sometimes I use street signs. Occasionally I jot something down on a post-it note and take a picture of the post-it. That’s what this is – a reference shot. Not really meant to be seen by anyone but me. But here it is.


Because I like it. I look at it and wish I’d done a few things 1000 ways different, but still. I like it.

Rosalie & Bosworth is almost right at mile 1.5 on the route. That beautiful strip of road in the mirror is what you’ve already put behind you. Keene Ridge Farm is what you’re about to pass on your left. In about another mile, you’ll make a right on Elkchester and the real rollercoaster begins.

And a ridiculous little reference shot reminds me that even the reference shots – the throw away images not good enough for print – for this race, are beautiful.

From her first week in our house, all 5.6 little pounds of fluff and snugglery.


The feet and nose and ears have all gotten much bigger in 2 1/2 months, but those eyes – just the same.


Foal of Heartbroken Hill, Donamire Farm – Lexington, March 2013

Have you ever wondered what *that* is, when people say ‘just like that’? I mean, if that’s a sloth or a snail, as opposed to…say, a gazelle… well then, you understand how my week went. Peeps, it is HARD to get back into the swing of things.  BUT! While it didn’t go as well as I would have liked, it did go better than I thought it would.

Since I wasn’t able to run much in December with the hip & knee thing – and by much, I mean I did more this past week than I did all last month (SLACKER!), I decided to start off on the simpler side of the plans and try to find a good middle ground between JFT Training’s half-marathon schedule and Run The Bluegrass’ Beginner schedule –

Blog Chart WK 1

Not a great start by any means, but not awful either. Didn’t earn the high-five, but did qualify for the pat on the head. Knee’s hollerin’ a little, but not enough to stop. First time I’ve had a 3-run week since before Thanksgiving. Feels good.

On to the next week.


*Gotta credit Eric with the pic above since he took that one – which is evident by the fact that those are my hands petting that month-old foal. It’s from the tour of Donamire farm that was organized by Run The Bluegrass last year.  One of the handlers opened up the stall and let our group get up close. Seriously, y’all – foals are soft – and moments like that – when you live in the city – they don’t come along all that often. Gotta grab onto ’em when you can.


Somewhere along the first 2 miles

My first run on pavement since the Thanksgiving 10k.  4.4 miles with the new training group.

January 1st dawned all gorgeous blue-sky-ey here. Cold – 25 degrees to start the day. But PRETTY!

A full month off of running outside and you start to forget it feels like. I hadn’t realized that – that I was starting to forget about it. But there it was. The sun in my eyes and on my skin, the fresh air burning up my lungs.  All those weird things you think about while you’re running – you don’t get the same kind of thinking on a treadmill.

Like how you wish you’d chosen different underwear and put on one less layer. And how all those people at the corner just saw you fix the underwear issue because it HAD TO BE DONE and that’s not easy through 2 layers of pants. Or how NO ONE looks sexy in Winter running layers. NO ONE.  Okay – some do. Just not me. Egads! – the clothes alone feel like they weigh 10lbs. But on the up-side, it’ll make me look like I lost 10lbs when all the clothes get shed for warmer Spring runs even though I’m eating just as much pasta.

Also, on the treadmill, you don’t get the thinking about starting lines and finish lines and wide open spaces of road in between. How you want to feel when you step up to the starting line. Your husband and your friends at the finish line. What it means to train for a race for 3-4 months and then see the last tenth of a mile come into view. What the route looks like. The picture above is off the RTB course, somewhere along mile 2.

The training group runs officially start on Saturday. Today’s run was just a runner thing – it’s nice to start off the year with a run. A kind of good luck run for the year ahead. It hadn’t dawned on me until I got home that the Run the Bluegrass training plan started today – d’oh! Pretty sure I’m s’posed to be on top of those things.  So ready or not, I started today. Time to put the game face on and get down to business. 3 months and the clock just started ticking.

Countdown to kicking ass, commence!