So it begins. Getting in the arena. Somewhere along mile 2.

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Somewhere along the first 2 miles

My first run on pavement since the Thanksgiving 10k.  4.4 miles with the new training group.

January 1st dawned all gorgeous blue-sky-ey here. Cold – 25 degrees to start the day. But PRETTY!

A full month off of running outside and you start to forget it feels like. I hadn’t realized that – that I was starting to forget about it. But there it was. The sun in my eyes and on my skin, the fresh air burning up my lungs.  All those weird things you think about while you’re running – you don’t get the same kind of thinking on a treadmill.

Like how you wish you’d chosen different underwear and put on one less layer. And how all those people at the corner just saw you fix the underwear issue because it HAD TO BE DONE and that’s not easy through 2 layers of pants. Or how NO ONE looks sexy in Winter running layers. NO ONE.  Okay – some do. Just not me. Egads! – the clothes alone feel like they weigh 10lbs. But on the up-side, it’ll make me look like I lost 10lbs when all the clothes get shed for warmer Spring runs even though I’m eating just as much pasta.

Also, on the treadmill, you don’t get the thinking about starting lines and finish lines and wide open spaces of road in between. How you want to feel when you step up to the starting line. Your husband and your friends at the finish line. What it means to train for a race for 3-4 months and then see the last tenth of a mile come into view. What the route looks like. The picture above is off the RTB course, somewhere along mile 2.

The training group runs officially start on Saturday. Today’s run was just a runner thing – it’s nice to start off the year with a run. A kind of good luck run for the year ahead. It hadn’t dawned on me until I got home that the Run the Bluegrass training plan started today – d’oh! Pretty sure I’m s’posed to be on top of those things.  So ready or not, I started today. Time to put the game face on and get down to business. 3 months and the clock just started ticking.

Countdown to kicking ass, commence!


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