And just like that, the first week is done.

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Foal of Heartbroken Hill, Donamire Farm – Lexington, March 2013

Have you ever wondered what *that* is, when people say ‘just like that’? I mean, if that’s a sloth or a snail, as opposed to…say, a gazelle… well then, you understand how my week went. Peeps, it is HARD to get back into the swing of things.  BUT! While it didn’t go as well as I would have liked, it did go better than I thought it would.

Since I wasn’t able to run much in December with the hip & knee thing – and by much, I mean I did more this past week than I did all last month (SLACKER!), I decided to start off on the simpler side of the plans and try to find a good middle ground between JFT Training’s half-marathon schedule and Run The Bluegrass’ Beginner schedule –

Blog Chart WK 1

Not a great start by any means, but not awful either. Didn’t earn the high-five, but did qualify for the pat on the head. Knee’s hollerin’ a little, but not enough to stop. First time I’ve had a 3-run week since before Thanksgiving. Feels good.

On to the next week.


*Gotta credit Eric with the pic above since he took that one – which is evident by the fact that those are my hands petting that month-old foal. It’s from the tour of Donamire farm that was organized by Run The Bluegrass last year.  One of the handlers opened up the stall and let our group get up close. Seriously, y’all – foals are soft – and moments like that – when you live in the city – they don’t come along all that often. Gotta grab onto ’em when you can.


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