Rosalie & Bosworth

Posted: 01/26/2014 in Photos, Uncategorized
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First off, I just like this photo. I don’t know why, because it’s not particularly likeable. It’s not nearly one of the good shots in the entire lot of photos.

One of my trips to Lexington to meet up with the Run the Bluegrass crew, I spent some time driving around taking shots of the route. Here and there I took pictures of street markers, more to use as reference points for when I pulled up the pics later. A divider. A marker between one batch of useful photos and another batch. ¬†Sometimes I use street signs. Occasionally I jot something down on a post-it note and take a picture of the post-it. That’s what this is – a reference shot. Not really meant to be seen by anyone but me. But here it is.


Because I like it. I look at it and wish I’d done a few things 1000 ways different, but still. I like it.

Rosalie & Bosworth is almost right at mile 1.5 on the route. That beautiful strip of road in the mirror is what you’ve already put behind you. Keene Ridge Farm is what you’re about to pass on your left. In about another mile, you’ll make a right on Elkchester and the real rollercoaster begins.

And a ridiculous little reference shot reminds me that even the reference shots – the throw away images not good enough for print – for this race, are beautiful.


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