Is there even a person under all that?

Posted: 01/30/2014 in Uncategorized

The husband caught a pic of me on the cell phone as I headed out with my running group on Tuesday night.  10 degrees.  And no, that’s not the coldest run I’ve done – 2 degrees is where I draw the line.


For the curious sort –

On top: First Ascent Base Layer under a Smartwool pullover under an oversized fleece jacket.

Bottom: Winter running tights under a pair of loose fleece pants.

2 layers of socks, 1 layer of gloves, a fleece scarf, my face-gator, an earwarmer (my Reds earwarmer!) under my fleece hat.

I’m a big believer in the power of fleece.  Also, I was sweating like a mo-fo and had pulled off the face-gator by the end of mile 1.

  1. Steena says:

    haha the joys of winter running! Where it takes longer to get dressed for it than it actually takes to run.

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