Another thing to add to the calendar this weekend

Posted: 02/13/2014 in Uncategorized

As if I wasn’t already dragging you out to the ballet –

On one of my 40,000 visits to the vet in recent weeks with the Most Expensive Puppy I’ve Ever Had (if you’re on Twitter or FB, you already know – if you’re not on Twitter or FB, more to come on that later), my vet & I got onto the topic of my hobby photography and he suggested that I swing by what is the largest local pet adoption event that I’ve never heard of – My Furry Valentine .

Note – he gave me the flier for it because of the photography thing, NOT because he thinks I need another dog. Pretty sure he knows my hands are full playing referee with the two I have right now.

Anyway – I guess all the local shelters come together under one roof and put up all different kinds of animals that need homes on display and cross their fingers that a lot of those fuzzy (& scaley – there are reptiles too) creatures find new homes.  Kinda cool, huh? And even if you aren’t looking for a pet right now, I guess there will be vendors there too.  Mr. Vet said it’s a pretty successful event usually and thought there would be some good photo ops if I were looking to practice.

I’ve still got plenty of photos from Reds events, Run the Bluegrass events, and most recently an Acro Yoga Jam at the new yoga studio location in Louisville to go through and work on – but I think I’m going to have to fit this one in too. Because puppies. And bunnies. And kittens.

My Furry Valentine will take place:

  • Saturday, February 15th from 11AM to 7PM 
  • Sunday, February 16th from 10AM to 4PM 

at (admission & parking are free):

  • 8494 Firebird Drive
    West Chester, OH 45014

And if you see a girl sneaking pics running around the event – it might be me, so say ‘hi’!


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