Six weeks & counting! Oh – and there’s that Yoga thing

Posted: 02/16/2014 in Photos, Uncategorized
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Friends, am I the only one starting to think Mother Nature has it in for my Saturday long runs?

Geez Louise! Another big snow kiss got dumped on all our sidewalks for Valentine’s Day. Makes the motivation a bit hard to come by in the early morning hours. Except for one thing –

Run the Bluegrass is 6 WEEKS OUT!

Six weeks, my friends.  According to the Florea training plans – long runs should be hitting @7-8 miles in the beginner program or 11-12 miles in the intermediate training plan. In either plan – you’re more than halfway to the finish line. I’ll be honest in saying that all this snow (& still the knee thing) has me a little bit behind. I’m in the 6-mile category, but that’s okay. It’s not my first rodeo on the half-mar and I know my body can do this if I train smart moving forward. For a run this hilly, training smart to me means cutting back on the speedwork in favor of steady-paced hill runs which alternate in intensity between treadmill hill programs (easy) and making a very hilly local cemetary my go-to running route outdoors (hard). Long runs are for getting it done wherever at whatever pace, just getting the bones and muscles used to the wear & tear of the distance.

Then recovering smart in between.

Ahhh, recovery. I love me some recovery movement. It’s part of what makes us yogis tick. I haven’t written about progress on the yoga front lately, but trust me – there’s lots going on in my teaching and training spectrum. Including – in case you missed it – one pretty BIG announcement for me.  Y’all –


I’d say the cat’s outta the bag – but we’re talking about Kentucky here. The cork’s finally out the bottle!

It’s something that has been in the works since last Summer when Eric Marr, the RD, reached out via Twitter for new ideas to make the race weekend *more* special. Having already made a connection via last year’s race recap, I said ‘what about yoga the morning after the race?’. It’s something my friends & I do the day after anyway. Eric, being the brilliant man he is, ran it past Rachel, (because second opinions are good) and the answer came back ‘HECK YEAH! LET’S DO IT!’.  They busted tail talking to Griffin Gate Marriott – getting me a great space in the race hotel to offer class – and part of my trip to Lexington last October was checking it out, so I could consider details. Done deal!

Since a huge part of my passion for yoga comes from its benefits for recovery from the rigors of other activities, offering a class as part of the race weekend experience made perfect sense to me. A way of saying one more time and in one more way – this race cares about runners. Not just about the race or the money – but about all these humans that come to the starting line for the 1000’s of reasons they bring with them.

Does RTB want you to come run hard? Yes. But they want you to play hard too (just check out all the other offerings for the ‘Experience’ weekend) – and when you’re done soaking up as much of Lexington’s awesomeness as you can, they want you to leave feeling great about all you’ve done.

Friends, it will be my privilege to host the closing event for the weekend – a yoga class which speaks to us distance runners through the language we understand best – our bodies. We’ll be stretching out the rigors of mile 9, leaving behind the after-party hangover, and acknowledging our race accomplishments before heading back to those things we do when we aren’t running our assanas off.

I want you to leave feeling great before we close the barn doors on Run the Bluegrass 2014. So – as I say in my regular yoga class offerings –



*Photo taken on the Buffalo Trace Distillery tour.

  1. run100run says:

    great blog, iv really enjoyed your posts. I would love to have you follow my running journey


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