It’s the little things & Arizona, I’m jealous

Posted: 02/20/2014 in Cincinnati Reds, Photos
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The Reds posted on their Facebook page that it was “picture day” for the team – meaning headshots for the big screens and other media work on the to-do list.  So I thought I’d share one I like from my own stash of pics –


It’s one thing to do all the (very necessary) media work, but the things you do when no one is watching – or you set aside the fact that 30,000 people are watching – that says a bit about who you are too.  A moment like this is seen and unseen – things are going on out on the field, but the game hasn’t started yet. Most people are only halfway paying attention, if that. Everyone is waiting on first pitch – that’s when eyes will snap to attention. So yes, for the moment you’re out there, but the things you’re doing aren’t for the crowds.

If you ask Todd Frazier, I’d bet he had forgotten all about the crowd in that moment – just him & that kid were there – you can see it in his expression.

One of the Good Life Rules – A fist-bump with a kid should ALWAYS have your full attention.

The full squad was set to report to Goodyear for Spring Training yesterday – a thing that takes anticipation of Opening Day to a whole new level here in Cincinnati. The quiet murmurings of hope begin in December with Redsfest. Smiles get bigger when the Reds Caravan takes off & finishes up in January. A little Spring-Training in the step begins when Latos, LeCure, Hoover, Leake, et al show up to the practice mound on Pitchers & Catchers Reporting Day. But – Full Squad Day – it’s like the whole city begins to vibrate with a new kind of energy.  A hum that will only begin to escalate until the first float at the Opening Day Parade starts rolling. Then, PARTY ON!

Right now, no one wants to miss a single report of what is happening in Arizona – especially the funny stuff. Arizona, I am so jealous at the fun you are having.

We are such a baseball town. And I love it!


On a side note – was anyone else as tickled by the quote from Homer Bailey on Hal McCoy’s blog as I was?  On speaking about his now moot arbitration hearing, Bailey said “If I have to go I guess I’ll have to go buy a suit. And I don’t own a tie.” Growing up – and sometimes even now – I’ve always thought of millionaires as men in suits & ties. So thankful & amused that the world is changing to be more fun.

Congratulations on your new contract Mr. Bailey – it’s a wonderful life & I hope you never have to own a tie if you don’t want to.


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