The stream of consciousness in action & I miss my RTB peeps.

Posted: 02/27/2014 in Photos, Uncategorized
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I woke up this morning – at 4:35am, which happens to be a full 40 minutes before my alarm, to the sound of Fred stirring around in her crate.

And as my blurry mind came slowly into focus, waiting for the signal that puppy needed to go out, the first crystal clear thought that came to mind was

“half butterfly – I need to be sure I put half butterfly into Yin class tonight”.

Half butterfly is a yoga pose for the lower back or hamstring (or both), depending on your need. I tend to sleep in a twist, so on occasion I wake up needing a little forward bending or squatting to offset the twisting I’ve been doing most of the night.

Then almost immediately my thoughts linked through to my Yoga for Runners class (on Sundays), then further to Run the Bluegrass. I was thinking about Run the Bluegrass – it is indelibly linked to my yoga and running thinking now – before my feet hit the floor this morning. And more specifically, my thoughts went to this group of people –

IMG_3111_resizeWoodford Reserve Tour

I didn’t know any of them 7 months ago. Now, through the power of social media, I interact with at least one of them every. single. day. We share encouragment, ideas – we tease the crap out of each other! We touch base on plans.

In the bright blue at right, that’s Eric Marr – the RD for Run the Bluegrass. The cowgirl with the fierce stance – that’s Rachel Crabtree – the ARD & Race Experience Coordinator. Her birthday just passed.  Susannah in the light green at right, I introduced you to her before. Mark is standing next to Rachel and Dawn is in the light blue with the braids – Friends, those two are mad-crazy with all the runs and races they do! Levi has his back to you and right now, he does not want to talk about skunks. Tracey is falling off the picture at right – he’s in my local running group and I’m lucky I caught him in the picture as we were both on the fringe taking our own shots during the tour. I could go on…

This group right here is the 2014 Ambassador group for RTB. If you’d asked me 7 months ago if I could miss a group of people this much having only met them for a weekend – I would’ve told you no. But it’s true – I miss them. I woke up with them on my mind this morning because they’re AWESOME!

I think one of the best parts of RTB, for me – is going to be getting to see this group of people again – and get to mix & mingle them in with all the friends that are coming down to Lexington with me or meeting me there. It’s not just a race – it’s like a reunion of all the coolest running people I know.

One month until the expo starts, my friends.

  1. Mark (the blue shire) Rowe says:

    So True….It is interesting how GREAT PEOPLE flock together, and the even accept me in their crowd. I have made friends that I will have for life from this group. And I too, miss my friends. As far as Dawn and I go, we didn’t know each other before this picture, but we struck up a quick friendship there. Followed that up a month later when she ran back (made her 13.1 into about a 15) to encourage my 11 year old daughter in her first half marathon (RTB will be her second). And then (I convinced her to try, and) we ran a 50k together. You really get to know someone when you run that far with them….and she still talks to me. Haha. This is an incredible crowd and my life is richer for having them in it. I’ll see you guys in 4 weeks!!!!!!


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