Tuesday looks about as suspicious

Posted: 03/11/2014 in Cincinnati Reds, Photos
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Put this one up on Twitter last night and just wanted to move it over here too. Ya know, for posterity. Or some such thing.

Bits of tedium today – gotta pick up my taxes from my tax guy. Happy to have those done. Less happy to write the checks that go along with them – though in the balance of 3 returns, I usually end up on the green side.  It’s the first time I’ve hired someone else to do them. We’ll see. Work beckons. Vacuuming needs done. That kinda jazz.

Not what I’d like to be doing. But necessary. Life things. Aren’t they all life things, though?

On the calendar for this week – an invite to the 2014-2015 season announcement party from Cincinnati Ballet – pretty excited to know what’s coming up for that! – and the Heart Mini 15k on Sunday. Scored a free entry to that – not one of my favorites by any means, but a free entry is a free entry and it’ll be a good check-in on where things are at going into Run the Bluegrass. My knee = not happy. More about that later too.

Also on the calendar – taking a few moments to write more about the mediation questions I posed last week. Been filtering and processing the responses I’ve received on that, along with my own thoughts on the matter. Sometimes what’s most interesting about a thing isn’t the actual question or the answers – and that’s caught me a bit by surprise on this one.  In fact, I woke up thinking about it some more – along with a dream I had about Devin Mesoraco staring in ‘Mesoraco on Ice’  which was more roller derby and less Disney than what probably comes to mind.  He was pretty good – in that way that people are good at sports that you’ve dreamt up and have no idea what the actual rules are. Go Devin!

Is it baseball time yet? *sigh*


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