The next photography project & going all in

Posted: 04/17/2014 in Fred Files

Yesterday, after a long day – one of those where you spend the whole day repeating the mantra “It’s Wednesday, not Thursday. Wednesday. NOT Thursday.” – the call came in that Eric had swept our dogs off to the dog park and I should come join them.

Across town.

When I was already yawning.

Except that the sky was blue, and there was still at least an hour to sunset.

The only thing to do in that situation is drive across town. Watching the dogs play never fails to lift me up. Screw the yawning.

I arrived to a muddy mess of whirling wet fur, tongues & tails waggling around. Seriously, how can a pair of ridiculously happy dogs not make you smile? They are chaos on four legs when they play.

Then Eric tells me – “She’s a diver.”  What?

“We were on the bridge, I tossed her stick over. She took a look at it and psssshh! jumped right in.”

“She jumped off the bridge?”

“Right over the edge. All 4 off. Barely even thought about it.”

We’ve been trying to get Jack, our lab to do that exact thing for about 10 years. He has never humored us on the subject.

Friends, I’ve got a dog that dives! How cool is that?! Fearless. Crazy, but fearless, she is.

The Summer quest: Getting a picture of her going off the edge. Going all 4 in. Telling the world that she dares.


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