Some things you should check out…

Posted: 04/24/2014 in Cincinnati Reds, Uncategorized
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Friends, it’s another Yoga Teacher Training weekend – one of the last for this bit of training that I’m doing. Around 20 hours in the studio working on meridian theory, assisted Yin stretching, some Acro Yoga basics and learning all about Yoga Nidra. That’s my weekend schedule, and there isn’t much time for anything beyond that except eating and sleeping.

So, of course, my mind is also wandering to things I won’t be able to do – that are fun though I’m sure all my friends that go do them will be pining away and sighing “Oh, we wish Cynthia were here…” because that’s what y’all do when I’m not around, right? Ha!

First off, there’s this:

which you should absolutely watch.

Cincinnati Ballet is collaborating with local band Over the Rhine for a live concert/dance performance this weekend. This has been towards the top of my ‘must see’ list since the season was announced, but unfortunately my schedule just won’t let it happen. So, you should go in my stead. You’ll only have to chair dance a little to make it believable that I’m there.

Next, there’s this:

04-24-2014 1-24-26 PM

To which I am going and since it’ll be a whole heckuva lot of fun, I think you should come too. Provided you have a vagina. Girl’s only this time. Sorry fellas.


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