Dismount at the yellow line

Posted: 07/23/2014 in Photos
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Dedication to purpose is a powerful thing.  At the triathlon I spectated earlier this month, this young dude was the gatekeeper to T2, saying over and over to the cyclists bearing down on him at fast pace “Dismount at the yellow line”. It was like a game of Chicken over and over again, because trust me, some riders DO NOT SLOW DOWN until the very last possible second coming into T2, and the kid did not move.

At one point, as I squatted down on a curb to  get upward angle shots, I said to him, “Wow, you’re really dedicated over there. You haven’t missed a single bike yet.” To this he responded, “It’s an important job.” and went right back to his task. I’m fairly certain that he didn’t even bother to look at me when he did, not wanting to take his eyes off the incoming lane. His face took on a perturbed scrunchiness when my camera pointed his direction.

I’m guessing that taking your eyes off the incoming lane when you’re playing Chicken is probably a bad idea.

Training is a conundrum sometimes. These changes that I’m making in my training schedule have me struggling to find the right times and means to fit in two entirely new sports. The current mission is to find a place where I can fit in a second swim day, so that I’ve got two swim days a week. I think that’s enough for now. Although it seems absolutely ridiculous, when I’ve already got a 24/7 gym (with no pool), a boxing gym, keys to two yoga studios, and 2 running groups, to try and add in yet another facility for the sake of a pool.  Sometimes the cost of improvement is being absolutely ridiculous.

And then once you have the facility lined up, the actual going and doing is a whole other story – that’s where the dedication to purpose comes in. When you show up to flail about, fight your swimming meerkat instincts and start getting your face in the water – over and over again. A kind of playing Chicken with your excuses. Egads, isn’t feeling this awkward once a week enough? Nope, better make it twice. *sigh*

Mission of the week: Secure a second opportunity to feel like a Chicken each week. Yeah, that gets a second *sigh*.



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