Tomorrow’s cover story #3 & comfort floats the waves

Posted: 07/23/2014 in Photos, Uncategorized
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I’ll explain about the cover story thing later. Let’s just say I have an idea to see how long I can keep up a streak. Tomorrow will be day 3.

In triathlons, there is always some type of water safety in place for the swimmers. Kayakers. Boats. Something that represents safe haven for those that struggle or tire or become injured.

I’m kind of jealous of those kayakers, if I’m being honest. I like to be the cheerleader and the coach that’s right there next to the struggle – to be the person that helps talk a person through the hard spot. I would also be honest to say that I’m good at it. Watching a friend of mine struggle in the swim portion, and having to yell from so far away as the beach – I didn’t like it.  I wanted to be on the boat. Looks like I’ve got another skill set to research to figure out how to be on the boat – do I need a lifeguard certification? water safety course?  Lots to think about.

At least until I’m a strong enough swimmer to be in the water.



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