A little too blurry for swimming

Posted: 07/25/2014 in Photos, Uncategorized



Runners, when they begin getting into any kind of distance running, start looking at mileage signs on the highway, or distance estimates on google maps and thinking to themselves “I can run that.”  10 miles to the next exit? I can run that. 3 miles to the yoga studio? I should probably run that…

When you first start doing open water swim, you start applying the same “I can run that” principle to water.  Swim-able or not swim-able?

I can’t remember the name of this little inlet (?) off the Bay in San Francisco, but it looked beautiful and calm. There was a rowing team practice going on nearby (fascinating) and these cute little painted houses (houseboats) on the other side. The picture doesn’t do their colors justice. But this little row, so neat and precisely placed, has been coming to mind all week.

Saturday beckons, and with it, swim practice.




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