Morning session #4

Posted: 07/27/2014 in Uncategorized
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Me: It’s as hard as I make it look, isn’t it?
Eric:  Yes. Yes it is.

From the comfort of the kayak after finishing the half-mile of stops & starts with which I’d tasked myself. Most of the training group was competing in Northern Ohio, so it was just the two of us out there ~ Eric adventuring out as my water safety crew since no one should swim alone.

Seriously,  how awesome is my husband that he’ll get up at 5AM on a Saturday to make sure I don’t drown?

When I was done, we switched places. He’s been listening to me talk about swimming form for almost a month. Decided to try it out.

Last time it was 10-12 strokes before the panic sets in & the feet have to find ground.  Yesterday, 14. Sometimes 20. Working on finding my breath. Staying calm. 

Half a mile in 14-20 stroke increments takes a lot longer than running it, that’s for damn sure.


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