Out of context, this would be really, really strange.

Posted: 08/03/2014 in Photos
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If this weren’t a collage of faces blended together, changing every few seconds…men, women, all colors, nationalities, ages…showcasing diversity in our city, then blasted all huge size across the face of one of Cincinnati’s most legendary icons – Music Hall…

It would probably be very weird.

Anyone else remember General Zod, and all the talking heads in Superman 2 (I think it was 2)?

This was taken at Lumenocity last night. I’m sure there are 1000’s of pictures all across the web from the weekend, and that a lot of them are far better than this one. But sometimes, you leave the camera at home, take one shot of something cool with your phone, then you shut the thing down and enjoy the show with a husband that busted his ass to make sure you had a SWEET spot all set up.

Somehow, in a crowd of 17,000 people, we had chairs and a picnic blanket and a cooler of snacks & beverages. Space. We could see. We managed to grab a no-fuss bite at A Tavola ahead of the show and weave straight through to our seats afterward. A lucky contact meant free parking in a secured lot a block away. No long lines, no waiting. Traffic smooth enough that we were home 20 minutes after it was over. I was absolutely astonished at how smoothly everything worked.

The show was AMAZING!!!!!!

It doesn’t hurt that I adore Charlie Harper art and a large portion of the show was a tribute to his work. I honestly didn’t expect that this would be much more than a light show (and shhhh! maybe a little boring), but it was way more than that. Funny. Creative. SPECTACULAR! Other arts brought in during the twilight hours waiting for it to be dark enough for the light show – ballet, opera. A friend of mine sings with the May Festival Choir and I’ve never heard it, except that she was volunteering with their performance last night. What an excellent venue to expose the community to all the arts available in the city! (and point out that Music Hall needs some preservation funding!)

They’re going to have to change some things next year – all the grumblers bitching about not getting FREE tickets, and all – but honestly, I hope they don’t change too much.  It was truly a fantastic event – and one of the most civilized groups that large that I’ve ever been in.


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