The Great Consolidation of 2016 & Circadian Cogs

Posted: 12/04/2015 in Uncategorized

It’s just after 6:30AM Cincinnati time, which means I’ve been awake about an hour already. And done absolutely nothing productive – which is more rare than you’d think. As I was snuggling coffee and settling into my couch, it occurred to me that today was the first day in over a month that I didn’t have something to do almost immediately after my eyes opened -discounting the dog-related tasks (that’s every morning). I mean, like get on the computer and work kind of stuff.

So of course, blog.  🙂

It also occurred to me that my bed is a perfect little cocoon and that Friday was a complete asshole for dragging me out of it. I wish I could blame it on the alarm, but truth be told, it’s not unusual for me to wake up anywhere from 10-45 minutes before my alarm – at least long enough to notice the clock time and go back to sleep. Which, because, and probably only because it’s 6:40AM now, I have a profound question:

Absent some biological calling (bathroom, hunger, thirst), why do we wake up at all?  I know about circadian rhythms, so that’s the boring answer.  But seriously, why do we need to get up and go do? From a cognitive efficiency standpoint, wouldn’t it be much easier on the brain to only wake us up to serve a biological need, then put us back to bed?

I could really use a few more Z’s.

Again y’all, it’s early in Cincinnati. When I am caffeinated, I probably will want to delete this.

ANNNY-WAY – been thinking about this place. What to do with it. Why I haven’t been writing in it. Feeling like writing again, but also like I need to clean some things up, so change is coming. Not too much ’cause I still like the paint on the walls, but change. Re-invention.

In full disclosure, I had 2 other blogs before this one, which for reasons I felt right about at the time, I retired, locked down and forgot about. One of them came back around at me a few weeks ago and I stopped to peruse – realizing there were some things I’d like to keep. But I don’t want to keep them where they are. The other fucked up thing, is I logged into WordPress this morning and signed in, and wrote this entire post into a blog I didn’t remember having.

Friends, I WROTE THIS POST IN A BLOG I DIDN’T EVEN REMEMBER and then had to move it over here.

So maybe there are 3 out there, or maybe I just don’t remember the name of the second one correctly. Oops. Probably a result of trying to clean up some Google Account stuff the other day.

In other words, if someone has some tips on bringing shit from Blogger over to this blog, can you help a girl out?  It’s time to consolidate. And dust. Fucking dust. Having more blogs out in the world than I can keep track of is a problem. A creepy, creepy, dusty problem.

I suppose it would help if I could remember the web addresses and passwords to those blogs, too…sheesh, you’re asking a lot. Wait, that could be me that’s asking a lot.  All that to say that if you start seeing some weird pictures of my feet from 2010 in here, be alarmed. Pictures of my feet were a 2011 thing.



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