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Yesterday, after a long day – one of those where you spend the whole day repeating the mantra “It’s Wednesday, not Thursday. Wednesday. NOT Thursday.” – the call came in that Eric had swept our dogs off to the dog park and I should come join them.

Across town.

When I was already yawning.

Except that the sky was blue, and there was still at least an hour to sunset.

The only thing to do in that situation is drive across town. Watching the dogs play never fails to lift me up. Screw the yawning.

I arrived to a muddy mess of whirling wet fur, tongues & tails waggling around. Seriously, how can a pair of ridiculously happy dogs not make you smile? They are chaos on four legs when they play.

Then Eric tells me – “She’s a diver.”  What?

“We were on the bridge, I tossed her stick over. She took a look at it and psssshh! jumped right in.”

“She jumped off the bridge?”

“Right over the edge. All 4 off. Barely even thought about it.”

We’ve been trying to get Jack, our lab to do that exact thing for about 10 years. He has never humored us on the subject.

Friends, I’ve got a dog that dives! How cool is that?! Fearless. Crazy, but fearless, she is.

The Summer quest: Getting a picture of her going off the edge. Going all 4 in. Telling the world that she dares.



Well Friends, Run the Bluegrass is over til next year and after a little break, it’s time to adjust my focus for the Summer on to other endeavors.

In addition to my regular yoga teaching gig, I’ve sent out a few feelers with an idea I have for some other yoga ideas. I have a few more to research and send out. So there’s that. I had a friend reach out to me today about setting up a class at another studio. So there’s that too. And I’m feeling a renewed sense of focus on promoting the yoga business. Figuring out how to make it work.

But to be honest peeps – 2014 has been a MAJOR suckfest so far.

  • My car was totalled and had to be replaced unexpectedly
  • The puppy broke her leg
  • wpid-20140114_132745.jpg
  • Then she had to have her “girl” surgery – which while not unexpected, is unpleasant
  • The knee thing – which could just be an irritated “plica” or it could be a torn meniscus (will xray or MRI if the cortisone shot doesn’t work)
  • And also, as part of the knee thing, my kneecap is now tracking completely wrong
  • Woke up 3 weeks ago with an entrapped nerve in my shoulder that has had me in intense pain. It’s better, but I still can’t feel 3 of my fingers very well.

That’s just the highlights. IT HAS BEEN A VERY. SHITTY. SPRING. with a few good things interspersed – like RTB was a good weekend.

And every good thing has had a backhanded dark side. Like when we picked up the dogs from boarding for RTB (a good thing), both dogs had some funky eye gunk and the puppy had a gash in her leg. Or a friend who doesn’t have a car needed me to drop off some spare yoga mats to her for a class she was hosting. I dropped them off, and my car battery died right in front of her house. Since she doesn’t have a car to jump me, I had to call in help from a sick husband. No good deed goes unpunished. Or at least that’s the way its felt lately. It’s like being pecked to death by ducks.

I’m sick of it. Soul sick of it. Heart sick of it. Mind sick of it. SICK. I’m sick of being injured and not being able to do the things I like to do. I’m sick of feeling like I’ve got a dark cloud over my head. Today I woke up feeling sick of feeling sick of it. The Universe has been using me as a punching bag lately, and I was trying to roll with it, but not so much anymore. Sometimes when you keep getting punched – you need to hit back.


You get your head back in the game and you say out loud ‘ENOUGH’.  I AM GOING TO GET HEALTHY. I am going to figure out this knee thing and get my ass to putting in the miles again. I am going to heal this shoulder. I am going to make progress on the yoga business in the direction I want it to go. I am going to start getting some photos together and try to work up a show. The setbacks are going to stop and the ducks are going to find another target.

A few days ago, I started repeating to myself “I am not a fragile creature.” In any given day, I am a force of nature, but I feel like I forgot that for a moment. No more. I am NOT a fragile creature. Where the mind leads, action follows.

Then I started with sending out into the world requests for more yoga work – the kind of work I want, on my terms. I have a plan.

A few little things to mail I’ve been procrastinating on – I knocked that shit out and got it in the mail. Procrastination is bad mojo. It’s like sending the universe a postcard that you don’t really want what you say you want.  No more of that.

Then I went to the kickboxing gym again. I haven’t been there in months and having a bum knee & shoulder makes that a questionable idea at best. But as I said to my favorite trainer there, “when you feel broken, you go back to the last place you felt really strong and you start over“.  I haven’t felt really strong since I haven’t been kickboxing or lifting at that gym the way I need to. At the boxing studio, I feel strong.  And ya know what? It went better than I expected. I finished with 300 straight punches that I didn’t even know I had in me when I walked in the door.  Ya know what else, my knee didn’t bother me ( & with all the pivoting in kickboxing, it should) and my shoulder feels a little better already.

Attitude is important.  My attitude has been gradually falling away from positive and I could feel it. But today, I dialed it right on up to 100% BADASS and the Universe WILL pay attention. I AM NOT A FRAGILE CREATURE.


In case you didn’t know, I have an extraordinary ability to take pictures of my thumb. Okay, so maybe there’s a weird toy and a dog in there too, but still. Thumb.

We’re having one of those weeks in our house where Fred has been simultaneously amped up and bored out of her mind. Mischief ensues. The kind of mischief where I chase her through the house 3-4 times in the same morning following the sound of my shoe being chomped on while she runs. *sigh* She is having a Shakespearean love affair with my favorite fleece-lined Merrells.  So I stop and ask her ‘where are all your toys?’, then I realize they’re in shreds all about the place. My living room floor looks like a squeak toy massacre.  Fred *NEEDS* toys to keep her focused on not-destructing things.

Apparently, to a puppy, all it takes to make Xmas happen is to tie a knot in an old toy. Or in this case – tie knots in the shreds of 3 old toys. That there masterpiece is part ‘squeak skunk’, ‘braided bear’ and fleece tug toy. Isn’t it lovely? At least it’ll buy me 5-10 minutes to hide my Merrells. Better. Hide them better. Or maybe pee without a creature biting my toes.

Sooooo, I’ve gotten some interesting responses to my first 2 questions about mediation and they gave rise to a 3rd quandry. Which, since I posted it on FB, I’m going to bring it over here –

At what point does an activity that is simply relaxing become meditative? Are there specific factors that make it cross the line from being one to the other? 

Again, meditation is unique, so there are no wrong answers here and I’m not grading these. Even if you don’t meditate, I’m interested in gathering perceptions of meditation, so please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

From her first week in our house, all 5.6 little pounds of fluff and snugglery.


The feet and nose and ears have all gotten much bigger in 2 1/2 months, but those eyes – just the same.


Fred. Around 13 weeks.

Along came Fred

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Winifred, actually. But we call her Fred. 

After 3-4 months of talking and looking around, we drove more than an hour South on a Monday night back in November just to look at her and one other puppy, and after 20+ minutes of watching them play on a grassy knoll in the back of CVS parking lot – she had to come home with me.

5.2 lbs of fluff and shivering and burying her head in my arm. A whimper that sounds like a bird chirp every once in awhile. It took me less than an hour to fall head over heels in love with her, and the next two days to name her. I decided on Fred, Eric dressed it up fancy and made her a Winifred.

For the next 2 weeks, she didn’t want to fall asleep unless it was on one of our chests. Listening to our heartbeats and the sound of our breathing.

6 weeks later, she’s all long legs and teeth and pee and enthusiasm. Lots of enthusiasm! She’s more than tripled in size, and odds are she’ll more than triple again – though the vet can’t give me an estimate on how big she’ll get just yet. “Good sized” is what he says.  There’s a spot on her back that is changing to a lighter brown than the rest of her body. Her markings are fantastic. She wakes me up sometime between 4-5:00AM almost every day. Sometimes once before that. I haven’t heard my alarm clock in weeks. Which is good – I guess – for a dog that I want to be able to run with me in the early mornings. Be careful what you wish for.

She is definitely her mother’s dog.

Of the updates that I mentioned, she is the biggest one.

It is 4:37am and I have come to realize I am out of coffee. Well – *almost* out of coffee.

And I have concocted some – thing – to drink in it’s stead out of the few precious remaining coffee grounds, and other ingredients.

It is NOT. GOOD.


I have had to chase ONE of my slippers up and down the stairs twice already.

And found myself standing out in the side yard – in only one slipper and my bathrobe – asking a whirring ball of fur – ‘have you peed yet?’ – repeatedly.

Friends, I think Wednesday is mad at me. And it’s my turn to drive carpool to the office.

Got 3 posts sitting  in draft to get y’all up to speed with the latelies –  but need a bit more caffeine in my world first.

And I should probably find my slipper.