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Well, not really…but yes, really. It’s weird. I’ll get over it soon.

I just don’t like being bummed out and I’m kinda bummed out.

This past weekend was the Flying Pig, which is a big freakin’ running dealio here in Cincinnati – to the tune of about 40,000 people participating in the various events – all of which sold out on the FRIDAY before the Sunday race. People who thought they would late register at the expo on Saturday were S.O.L.

I had it on my radar starting back in January – when I had already registered for Run the Bluegrass a month before. Figured run 13.1 at the end of March and then decide about the Pig. Except then, for a whole barrelful of reasons, I wasn’t ready for RTB’s 13.1 and the Pig was quickly out of the question. But even then, I still kept trying to talk myself into something – maybe I can make it down there for Saturday’s 5k or 10k, or make some signs for the distances, or put up balloons, or go chalk up the roadways…SOMETHING…some way to be involved.  It just felt TOO DAMN WEIRD to not be involved in The Pig. You see…

The Pig 5k was the second 5k I ever did, which I think in some ways is even more important than the first one. Your first 5k, maybe you got talked into it or walked it, etc – which is kinda what happened with me – and you can always fall back to the ‘didn’t know what you were getting into, don’t wanna do it again’ framework.

But your second 5k – that’s the one where you chose to do it. You knew exactly what you signed on for. Your second 5k is where the sickness starts – where you learn you can get tipsy on running without all the throwing up hangover part. Your second 5k is where you start to become a racer in addition to a runner – where the times begin to matter and the challenge you throw down to yourself grows harder. *sigh(again)*

Then I skipped the distances in favor of Nashville for a few years, but in 2009, I joined a running group – the one that focuses solely on The Pig from January to May. Those piggies have been my running tribe for a very long time!

I’ve done the 5k, 2 legs of the relay, and the 13.1. And the one year I missed doing any part of it in favor of Nashville, I cheered my sister (& a gazillion other runners)on as she did the half-marathon.

But this year – nothing. I got to watch it go by from a distance.

The rain put a damper on chalking up sidewalks or signs, as did yoga teacher training keeping me busy & out late both Friday & Saturday. And frankly – after 2-15+ hours days, when I woke up on Sunday, all I wanted was sleeping late, coffee and to see my husband in the 2-free-hours I had. Lame, but true.

I watched the whole race go by on Twitter and Facebook. Pictures of starting line rainbows and friends. Talks of PR’s and post-race celebrations. Passing by on a little screen when I should have been down there screaming my lungs out with encouragements.  And even my phone had to be shut down for most of the day. GAH!

Quick, someone go grab the tiny violin. 

Anyway, it’s a ridiculous thing, but it made me sad to miss it.  I’ll get over it. I’m sure getting in a run at lunch (I didn’t even get to run at all this weekend) will help me shake it off. And focusing in on the 5k I have planned for this upcoming Saturday.

In other whiney news…

Ya know how I wrote that bootcamp was back…UGH. Not so much. Happy trainer is shutting it down for a couple months & maybe permanently starting next week. So this is my last week for that…and I need to figure out my strength training options all over again.

I feel like my training plan is such a mash-up right now. And for the most part, my body seems to be unimpacted by the changes – there may or may not have been a little dance-party celebration in my bedroom this morning when I realized my abs were starting to look fierce again (do not judge me!) – but how long is that gonna last if I don’t find something  just as intense & that motivates me quickly? We had a pretty damn awesome workout this morning and it just hit me again how much I’m going to miss working with the trainer I prefer.  Again, UGH.

Worried. Blues. Pity party for one. Yeah…Monday: white flag – you win.

But on the up side, I can at least comfort myself in Reds games this week. I have tickets in foul-ball territory both tonight and for the #Redstweetup on Friday. So, that’s a highlight to look forward to. Nothing like drowning your sorrows in baseball caps and fly balls, right?

which means it’s lunchtime, and I’m starving. Also, the ‘you skipped workouts the last 3 weeks’ soreness is already setting in. Yikes!

This is going to be bad. I am going to hurt. Bad.

The happy trainer is back to teaching the bootcamp class in semi-full effect, and hadn’t seen me for even 5 minutes before he started calling me out on my bullshit.  I said something to the effect of ‘glad you’re back, I could feel my ass getting more fat on it’ and he answered “That’s your fault, not mine.” BOOM!  That’s a whole lotta truth for that early in the day, but…that’s why I like working with him. I am a person who needs someone to be an asshole to me tough love motivation at the gym, NOT hand holding or coddling. (Or blurry icky photographs of my workout posted all over the internet at OhCrapEarly A.M.) Also, he’s usually right (don’t tell him I said that) – it IS my fault if my ass gets more fat on it.

That being said, it felt really good to get that kind of a sweat in before work. I was really surprised at how well I did this morning for taking the off time. Particularly – pushups went better than I expected, so that was nice. I like being at a fitness level where I can take 3 weeks off and still come in and do a class like this morning and not die.  I like not dying.

Of course, the only way to keep up that level of fitness is not to keep taking 3 weeks off.

So back into the hard work cycle.

Hello Monday – you sexy beast! I was so glad to see you today.

You ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling…just really focused? You know it’s going to be a good day, because what other option is there?  A lot will be done. Things will go your way. Carpool will be on time. People will let you merge into traffic nicely and your favorite parking spot will be empty. The yummy salad dressing will be on the salad bar. Petty annoyances get smacked with a flyswatter. Focused. Goodness. Ahhhh.

Today was that day. And it’s a Monday – which is like gravy on the focus mashed potatoes. You get to start a whole shiney new week off with a BANG!

The alarm went off at 4:35 AM and I headed off to bootcamp for the first time in 3 weeks – so I felt good about that. Been slacking at the boxing studio for several reasons – but decided that today was the day to get back on that horse and back to the OhCrapEarly workouts. Boxing studi0 – bootcamp class – here I come!

Except then that didn’t work out.

I thought my happy trainer would be back in the country this morning. He wasn’t. Guy I had the disagreement with a few weeks ago was running the show. D’oh. Except that this was good mood, totally focused Monday.  A Monday that called for this:

Too early to have that put me in a funk and still determined to get in my workout, I headed home, unfurled the yoga mat and got to work on a sweat and scripting another class. HA! Take that Monday! You can’t get a girl down that easy!

Then it was off to the rest of the day, which went about the same. Goal -> obstacle -> beat obstacle down -> back to goal. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Even managed to get in a quick 2 mile run at lunch despite being really busy. It was *that* kind of good, focused, quality day.

Getting up early for the workout just felt really, really good.

So like I said, been slacking a bit on the workouts – getting in some short runs and some yoga – but not getting in enough of either and nothing hardcore. No weights at all. And even worse than all that…

I’ve felt fantastic. Rested. Healed. Say what?!!! That’s dangerous thinking right there!

As much as I’d like to feel guilty about backing off of everything intense, I just can’t. I’ve felt good. It’s been a REALLY LONG TIME since I’ve been gone from the weight training for this long. Since I haven’t had some niggling pain of some sort, or been sore – all in that post-workout kinda good way – but still. sore. tired. kinda beat up.

Luckily, the scale has been really kind this whole time too. But now it’s been 3 weeks. I’ve had a little time to catch my breath. Now…


I picked out a 5k on May 11th which I intend to focus some training on – I’ve got a pace goal on my mind for this running season and this will be attempt #1.

It’ll be back to bootcamp as soon as I’m sure the fun trainer is back to teaching in the morning – probably Wednesday.

I’m scripting more yoga classes to teach, which means more practice there too.

There are plans of action. There are goals. There is focus.

Time to work.


Oh Hey!!!  Also – look up! UP! I did some housekeeping and cleaned some things up a bit ’round this place.  Added some new categories across the banner. Cut my 66+ tags down to 14…yikes. Hope you like the changes. Kaizen.

…and do all of that at the same time if you please.


There has been a whirrrrrlwind of activity going on around me! I mentioned that I’d had more time for ideas than writing lately, and that’s because a lot has been going on. I have updates! So, in other words, this post is going to be part data dump and part trying to keep up with my own bad self. Come keep me company…

First – I got the date for my very first student-teaching yoga class!! YAY!! April 21st, here I come! Except wait! That’s only a month to get my plan for a class together. Can I do it? Am I ready? We’ll still have a couple weeks of learning to do that I haven’t done yet! Honestly – some days, I feel like I could just drop in and teach a yoga class right that moment without a plan ahead of anything. Other days The Shy kicks in and asks me “what the heck? are you really going to get up in front of people and do this?”. Yes, Shy. Suck it up. It’s going to happen.

Mostly though, I’m genuinely excited. I know how great I feel when I’ve gotten some time in moving my body – and honestly, I think I respect my body the most wherever it’s at in a given day – when I’m doing yoga. You meet the mat where you’re at – and it’s always accepting of that. The idea of sharing that self-respect with other people thrills me.

Second – 2 weeks ago, I asked if I could bring my camera to our yoga teacher training and do a creative exercise in photography. I got the green light, and to make a long story short – I put an album of photos out into the world for more than just my friends to see. Putting creativity out in the world like that – for me – ACK! People might see my stuff! They might actually have opinions about my photos! Holy heck, WHAT AM I DOING? It’s a freak-out festival, foh shure.

Not that I really expected anyone to point, laugh and say YOU SUCK! – but…well, I did kind of expect that too. Just nicer. I kinda wanted to go ostrich and put blinders on and cover my ears. Ya know, just in case I was wrong about liking them myself. So I wouldn’t feel the bazinga-sting of being ridiculously wrong.  But Saturday – two of the girls in yoga class told me how much they really liked the photos! And that didn’t count the likes on Facebook. They like me! They really like me! One said she’d gone through them several times, she liked them so much. VALIDATION!!! Yay! (I’m stopping here to hug myself for a second. (No, that’s not a metaphor.))

So anyway, that was a really good thing and I’m pretty happy about it. Especially, since I have a few other events on the horizon to go play photobug.

Now, for things that aren’t going so well…

Running plan for Run the Bluegrass = stuck on the Bridge to Nowhere.  There just hasn’t been any time at all to get the higher mileage in. And it’s only a half. A 13.1. Grrr. The furthest I’ve run to date is 8.74 miles and my hips and ankles (which don’t usually bother me) were a bit cranky afterward.  That was a 3-mile jump in distance too. Seriously – no time for the mileage. Been struggling to make 2 runs a week happen steadily and anything over 6 and I can’t even fathom carving it out of the day.

Can I do the 13.1? Yes. I can get it done. The very first half-mar I did, I only trained to 8 miles – and then I had no idea what I was doing. Now…I know more. I’m a better runner. I KNOW I can finish 13.1 tomorrow if I have to. But do I want to? Should I? I went into this for a fun run – no time pressure – just to see the pretty horses and spend a nice weekend with my husband.  If I push for the half – will I still be able & wanting to do anything else? I’ve signed us up for 2 horse farm tours. There’s also a distillery tour we want to take and an aviation museum to peruse. Will I want to do all that walking? There’s a 7-mile option available also. I’m seriously considering downgrading, owning up to the fact that my other interests have taken the priority right now. I don’t really have to make a choice until the expo, I guess.

Also, I think I’ve managed to tear a muscle in the front of my shoulder. You know, the one you use when you pump your arms on hills. ICK. At some point, I will surrender to the fact that I suck at arm balances. Need to work on them a lot more. Trying to learn a new one, without enough prep work on it, did a bad, bad thing to my shoulder on Saturday morning. Then I went and did about 30 vinyasas (yes, 30) on it yesterday. It hurts. A lot.

Which completely sucks double suckiness because the trainer I really, really like is back to teaching my morning boxing/bootcamp. So I’m back to the 5:30am thing. Or I was. Twice. And really happy about it. Until I had to skip it today because, well – OUCH. You really can’t throw a good hook without a healthy deltoid. Or a lot of pain. You choose. I chose to sleep in today. So…now I’m supposed to work on vinyasas hardcore for the next month with a bum left shoulder. *sigh*

At least I’ll have a week of vacation at the end of this month to figure it all out – and catch up – and slow down – all at the same time. Sooo looking forward to that.

Tell me peeps, what should I do? what should I do? 7, 13.1?

Welcome to Monday Blog People!

I’m in a bit of a weird headspace today, although, if I’m being honest, is it ever really normal up there in the skullcap? Hmmm…is it? Oh. I like you all so much!

I’m feeling focused and happy. Getting quite a bit done so far and it’s only 10:30.

First off, I’m finally starting to feel like a real girl again. Had a little boxing match with the flu and I lost the round. Four solid days on my butt with chills and NASTY muscle/joint pain. Luckily, I side-stepped anything digestion related – just had no appetite, but as an athlete, I think the aches and twinges and cramps in my muscles were almost worse. I’ve now got 3 bootcamps and 2 runs under my belt since I started to perk up – so far, so good. Appetite is slowly coming back. Can probably start ramping the running back up again. YAY!!! 

Especially YAY!!! since Run the Bluegrass is officially 6 training weeks (+ 1 taper week) away. Blogpeeps – I am SO NOT PREPARED.  Trying to do too much between Yoga Teacher Training, and switching over to the marathon training group, and bootcamp…you know what they say…try to do everything well and you end up doing nothing well. Well. Yeah. That’s about how it’s going. Not well.  I am way off my training plan, with my furthest distance in the past 6 weeks a pidly 6.3 miles. BUT…BUTBUTBUT…here’s where I think there’s a silver-lining in the flu. It gave me a chance to sit my ass down, get some rest, and re-focus my run thinking. Get happy again. I’d kind of watched the happy slide off into the ditch, but I think I’ve found it again. I train better when I’m happy. This is what I learned last Summer.  The fact that I am newly happy to be well, and be running, does convince me that I still have plenty of time to get some quality training in and have a good run at the end of March.

Sidebar: I want to mention, Runnerpeeps, Run the Bluegrass has had an AWESOME ramp up to their run. AWESOME! I’ve not seen anything like it before. They’ve set up tours of thoroughbred horse farms & bourbon distillery tours – all just there for the signing up! Some complimentary, some with a cost – but none of them expensive. Their social media campaign has me incredibly excited about the run and the weekend. Consider taking a look at it if 13.1’s interest you.

The other thing that is changing up is the morning bootcamp in my routine. I wrote back in October that there had been some changes made to the program and I’m just not happy with how things are now (part of the reason happy slid off into a ditch). After a little bit of drama on Friday between me and the trainer (we didn’t even speak to each other this morning), it’s time to let that go. He’s a really good-hearted person, but I am a piss-poor training match for his style. A thing that makes me intensely sad because it’s the perfect time slot, literally 3 minutes from my house, and for more than a year I had great results with it. But I haven’t really progressed since October, and nothing in the foreseeable future is going to change with that class, which means it’s time for a new plan. *sigh*

On the up-side – the upheaval in routine will create some space for new things. I’m still paid into bootcamp for a month, so I have some time to get a new schedule in place & play around a bit. I’ve scheduled a training session with the trainer that I really liked (& had mass progress with (the prior bootcamp instructor)) for tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I have some options for other resistance training classes already in place. Probably the reason for the happy factor. I like having part of a plan formulated already. Moving the resistance training around a bit might open up more space for yoga, and get my legs some quality recovery time between runs. 6 weeks out to 13.1 probably isn’t the ideal time to craft a new training schedule, but it may actually be helpful. Ya never know. I know if I’m happier, that is definitely helpful. So, focus on the happy.

If my trainer asks what I want to do tomorrow, would it be weird if I just said “I want to have fun. Now please kill me.”?


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Right now I am thinking – rather severly at myself – that I did not plan this day nearly well enough.

Or this week.

And I don’t have a fraction of the things that need my attention even close to complete.

As an organized girl, who usually keeps a pretty solid calendar and to-do list in her head at all times, this irks me. It also means this post is probably going to be a data dump of bitching so that I can just get the frustration (at myself) out of me. You’re welcome. (And I’m sorry. I really do try not to be negative, but sometimes I just need to open a gate and let it flow.)

It is entirely true possible that I had a shitty workout this morning and it’s put me in a cranky place. One of those workouts where you want to stay in bed, but you make yourself go anyway, and then as soon as you get moving you realize your body showed up late and your brain never showed up at all. So now you’re half-assing it not getting a solid workout AND you’re not getting more sleep.  The thought that I needed a mulligan on this day hit me at about 6:15am – which is entirely too early for a mulligan.

(At this point, all I can hear is the voice of Malick Bowens in my head telling me “God is laughing” – which is an Out of Africa reference that dates me sadly (and is so old as to need explained). One of my favorite movies of all time though. True story.)

Oh – and my hamstrings are super sore from compensating for the back thing last week, followed by running on ice. My workout was going so shitty that at one point I just stopped and decided to spend a few minutes stretching the backs of my legs – which my trainer picked up on and very nicely spent a few minutes helping me stretch them. But sitting at a desk has tightened them back up. Crud. Did I mention marathon training is supposed to start this weekend?

Except that I’m going to miss it, because doing that doesn’t mix with the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), which also starts this weekend. I know I’m going to spend the next 6 months juggling all of this, and that once I get a handle on it, it will all work out. But today, I don’t feel like I have a handle on it and missing the first run meetup is a bummer. Also,I haven’t gotten a run in since Monday. Another bummer.

In fact, YTT starts tonight. I’m pretty excited about that – or I would be if I had just another week to get all the pre-work done. I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be (my own damn fault for getting on board with it late) and there’s this little struggle going on with the part of my brain that wants to get panicky about that. In reality, I’m probably far more prepared than I think I am whether I’ve finished the reading and watching the videos or not. But the panicky side doesn’t want to listen to that. I’ll get caught up. And I’m in the hands of a teacher who knows me. Dear Brain, please relax. All The Things will get done. Even if you don’t have everything you need when you get to class today, it will be okay. I promise. Just hope you remembered to put the right underpants in the gym bag.

Beyond that, it’s just work stuff and wondering how my nutrition is going to work on YTT Fridays. That’s the planning piece that’s really bothering me the most. I have an apple (A SUPERHUGE HONEYCRISP!!!) and almonds in my car and a granola bar tucked away, but for some reason my brain – oh silly, panicky brain- will not let go of the idea that I’ll be uncomfortably hungry in YTT. We don’t get out of class until 9pm – which is beyond the patience of my ugly-hungries. Again, I have what should be enough, and I had a filling  lunch, but the brain won’t listen.

Grrrr.  I read today that fear is just excitement dressed up in a bear suit. And I’m pretty sure that that’s all any of this crankiness is. Fear that I have no idea yet how I’m going to make all of this work out in a reasonable fashion – which is irksome to an organized girl. Fear that I’ll screw it all up, and that the little voice which felt so good telling  me to sign on for all of these things a few years months weeks ago is full of crap. Because when you know it’s ridiculous to expect your sore hamstrings to do a bootcamp, then a lunch run, followed by a yoga class evening, so then you half-ass the bootcamp and you skip the lunch run and you worry about the yoga class, you feel like you’re screwing some things up. Already. Grrr. But if there’s a lot of fear in there- and it’s just disguising excitement, then that’s a lot of excitement, right?

*Sigh*. All the things will get done. I will get a schedule figured out. My hamstrings will feel better. I will get my running in and Monday’s bootcamp will go better. It will all be okay. And I will accomplish this life as it should be. deep breath.


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Peeps, there were 210 push-ups in my morning this morning.

Two-hundred and ten. 2-1-0. 210.

Admittedly, they were broken up into 20 sets & I could only get out 35 before my knees came down into the girly version. But still, 210.

Who knew I had that in me?

I’ll also admit that I was abso-frickin-lutely the last one done with that portion of it (I think there were a few people being a little generous with their counting skills or that just quit when they decided they couldn’t finish & moved on to the next combination), but nevertheless, I finished it. In good form.

(For those wondering, our workout consisted of all ’21’s today, where you have two exercises and you alternate between them – starting with 20 of one thing, then 1 of the other; 19 of the first, then 2 of the second – so you ladder down on one exercise while you ladder up on the other. In this scenario – 20 push-ups, 1 military press, then 19 push-ups & 2 military presses, all the way down to 1 push-up & up to 20 military presses. So that every ‘set’ you do adds up to ’21’.)

Choosing Change

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Happy October Interwebbers! I’ve got change on the brain. AREN’T YOU EXCITED?! It’s like a new hat!

Over the weekend,  and rather unexpectedly, my gym changed up trainers for my 5:30am bootcamp. My initial reaction wasn’t very good, mainly because RESISTANT TO CHANGE will be inscribed on my tombstone – not for anything to do with the trainers, the gym, or the bootcamp itself. It’s just that Change and I stopped getting along some time about first grade and I’ve never forgiven her.  Then there’s her cousin, Sudden Change – she’s the real bitch.  Her, I need to throw down with from time-to-time – and I never know when or where it’s going happen. Oh, and Change-for-Change’s Sake.  WTF is with that? Nonsensical, gibberish-speaking flibbertygibbit, he is. I digress…

 This also threw me for a loop because the people I see before I have my coffee need to be chosen carefully. It’s just good safety. And I really liked working with the trainer I had. So this was a big bummer for me. ‘Resistant to Change’ wanted to stomp around about it for a minute or two. 

When combined with changing up my training plan to rebalance the running back into it*, and some of the changes happening at home, ‘handling change’ was something to mull on over the weekend. Lift the hood on my mood. Kick the tires on my thought process. Make sure I’m looking at these changes in a way that is healthy – because health is as much a mind set as it is a good workout. ‘Resistant to Change’ wanted to stomp around because I hadn’t found a healthy way to think about things yet. And resistance to change is a mind set that has no place at the gym.

You can not stay standing in the same place and make progress at the same time.

Do the thing you’ve always done, get the result you’ve always gotten. This is what we hear all the time, and it’s very applicable in most of life’s decisions. However, in a workout routine, the body adapts. It becomes more efficient.  It gets used to the routine and finds a new state of normal/plateau. The same exercises you always did no longer have the same effect. If you want to get faster, stronger – progress – you have to be willing to mix up your routines a bit. Work in different ways, with different people. Up the weight resistance. Look at your eating habits. Try new exercises & routines. Run sprints, fartleks, hill repeats.  This is part of why I go to a bootcamp and run with a group though I am perfectly capable of hitting the gym & the pavement on my own. Left to my own devices, I struggle with changing my routines. I need someone to push me into the deep end of the pool and shock me into kicking harder. Shock me into change. And once in awhile that change has to come in the form of a new training plan – or a new trainer (in this case, my regular trainer’s usual sub).

This is the healthy thing I needed to remind myself of – that change has the potential to bring a new result if I open myself up to it. If I kick harder – and in the case of bootcamp – punch harder, push-up harder, focus harder.

So far I have survived two bootcamps with the new trainer. I haven’t died from the change. I won’t die from change – unless it’s from green beans to snap peas. Then we have some problems. But I don’t think that applies here.

You have to be willing to change.  Get chummy with it like it’s new underwear. Roll around in change like it’s got that new-money scent. Kick Sudden Change’s ever-changing ass with your supreme awesomeness. Laugh in a Japanese accent at Change-for-Change’s Sake.

Change for the better, the healthier, the progress.

*PR’d the Race for the Cure 10k on Saturday by 69 seconds – that’s 1 whole minute and nine seconds! (And frankly, I had a crappy run. I think it would’ve been better on a day when I was less of a mess.)

So, while I was out walking around my beige maze of cubicles, I thought of a really good post idea.

But then by the time I got back to my desk, after having made myself a suspicious salad, I totally forgot my cool idea. Mainly because I’m still pretty distracted by my sore ass. I put 20 minutes in on the treadmill last night in an effort to loosen up the cheeks and then went to bootcamp again this morning only to find kicks & walking lunges & 80 more squats (speed squats) on today’s list. And actually, there was a little part of me that went RAH!! ONLY 80 squats! I got that! and then there was the other part where my ass whimpered in a way that could’ve been a fart, but I think it was a bonafied whimper. My ass did not loosen up on the treadmill. Or in bootcamp. Walking hurts. Bad. But less than sitting down and then standing back up again. And all I could focus on for a second was that when I got back to my desk, I was going to have to sit again. Then there went my cool idea right out my head.

So instead, you get to hear about sale chicken and how I’ve eaten chicken every freakin’ day this week. It also means that whatever I was going to write about will be ‘as seen on TV’ in about 6 months – because this is how it goes with my cool ideas that I rapidly forget. Apparently, I forget them, then someone else remembers them and makes a million-bajillion dollars off of them. So sale chicken…

One of my little time-saver thingys I do to be able to goof off play Xbox work out spend time with the husband pet the dog (which is NOT a euphemism for anything) get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour is cook the chicken ahead of time. This isn’t a new concept by any means. Except that normally when I read about preparing meals in bulk, it’s for families with 10 kids in them. We just have the little old 2 of us in our house. And I like food relatively fresh so all that freezer meal stuff doesn’t appeal to me. So, in a chicken week (yes, there’s a chicken week), I buy a package of chicken breasts – about 1.5-1.8 lbs for 3 breasts – season each of them differently and bake them. Then they get plunked into 3 different meals during the week. Also, I buy the cage-free, non-hormone, organically fed and given pedicures with spa treatments, cape-wearing, EXPENSIVE super-chicken. Shit never goes on sale.

Except that it did. Apparently, this is a secret known only to the Monday-grocery goers. Monday is sale super-chicken day. THE BIG PACKAGE.

So for the price that I usually spend on our measley 3-breast pack, I got 4.5 LBS OF CHICKEN. And as sale chicken goes, it needed to be cooked SOON. So I thought to myself, well – last time I roasted a whole chicken, I did it with lemon zest & herbs and didn’t that make the house smell so good and wouldn’t it be nice if our house smelled like something other than my gym bag and our dog?

It’s all good right? Of course it’s NOT good or I wouldn’t be writing about it. Ya know what happens when you pile lemon zest on ALL 4.5 lbs of chicken pieces – YOU CAN’T MAKE ENCHILADAS WITH IT. Which is normally day 2 of our chicken week. Without enchilada night, chicken week is just chaos. Day 1 – eat as seasoned and baked w/ a side-veg. You know, when it’s still good standing alone. Day 2- bury it in cheese & mole sauce. Day 3 – hit it up with some salad dressing & top a salad. Day 4 – THERE IS NO DAY 4! Why? Because you only bought three breasts, that’s why. THERE SHOULD NOT BE A DAY 4 IN SALE CHICKEN WORLD. Occasionally, you can alternate between Day 2 & Day 3. And that’s because you SEASONED THEM ALL DIFFERENTLY. But when you seasoned everything the same way, and you’re on Day 4 – Day 4 is WTF do I do with this chicken? day. You were thinking yourself lucky when you came up with an alternative to enchiladas on Day 2, but now you’re fucked. Also, Day 4 is the day where the chicken will win a stare-down contest, because no matter how long you stare at cooked chicken while you ask yourself ‘wtf do I do with this chicken?’ – it doesn’t look away first.

*sigh* And then the only meat-based protein on the salad bar at lunch today was…you guessed it, chicken. Which is what brought this issue to the surface. I could’ve eventually forgiven myself Day 4. But Day 5 – Day 5 becomes ‘rage against the chicken’ day right before it becomes ‘sighing acceptance that the only thing you’ll ever get to eat again is chicken no matter how chickened out you are’ day. On Day 5 – you become sad and compliant. You fall in line behind the other chicken-prisoners and you daydream about salmon and pork products.

But on the up-side, your whimper-farts smell like lemon zest.

Oooh interweb, as I write this my ass is so sore from yesterday’s bootcamp that I swear my farts sound like they’re whispering oouuuuuch.  E-gads! 

The trainer calls it a Super-7 set, where we do repeats on 7 different things that work the same muscle group from different angles. I call yesterday’s ‘Death by Squats’ because that’s what we were doing – 7 different kinds of squats – with a 25lb kettlebell. I’d post the sequence – because it was a good one – but somehow that feels like stealing someone’s homework since I didn’t set up the workout. Not cool. Anyway, when all was said and done, I’d finished over 300 squats & hit a failure point. That kettlebell & I – we were having one heck of a 4-letter discussion in my head. My core is feeling it a bit too. On the good note – my lower back feels A-O.K. – so my form must’ve been solid the whole way through & we upped my weight by 5lbs. Tight lower back = shitty kettlebell form. Also, no sign of trouble from my T1 (back of neck) – which has seriously protested the kettlebell in the past.  Another reason I was being super concious of my form. I like it when things get all healed proper.

Haven’t been running much at all this past week. The husband & I went off to Chicago for the weekend to see a Reds v. Cubs game. We’re Reds fans. We were planning to wear Reds gear to Wrigley Field. Apparently, this is another way to get yourself dead. Or so we were told. But only if walking there from our hotel didn’t get us dead that way first. I guess there are lots of ways to get yourself dead in Chicago if you don’t know the rules of the place. I took some pics which I’m planning to post up later. Anyway, despite my best packing intentions, I never made it to the lake walk or to the hotel fitness center to get some running in. I skipped last night’s run because, well – oouuuuch! So today brings me to a whole 8 days without my running shoes beating down some pavement. Hoping to remedy that later with some time on a treadmill – I figure that might be a little more gentle than concrete for my sore ass.