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Well hey. Welcome to Monday #2,012. Not Monday 2012, because there were 52 of those, which would be confusing. Rather, it’s Monday #2,012 in this girl’s life.  Yes, I’m still counting because weird numbers girl, that’s me.

It was a pretty decent weekend, started off with a Reds game on Friday night. A friend offered me a can’t-refuse deal on a couple of tickets and frankly, the husband & I, we needed a date night. So off we go! It also happened to be a Fireworks Friday, and a Star Wars weekend, and a Reds Social Media Night, AND a raffle night where the Reds wives/girlfriends made of baskets of  THEIR favorite things (rather than roster-dude’s) to raffle off in benefit to a local women’s shelter/cause.

And don’t you know, I won this HUGE basket of goodies put together by JJ Hoover’s girlfriend, Megan-Kate! HOW COOL IS THAT? First off, winning goodies is cool all by itself, even if it’s just a box of tic tacs, but also, I think pretty highly of how JJ conducts himself around the Twitter machine and like him as a player. Even more cool than that? (and JJ, this is probably where you should cover your ears…no eyes…no ears…you know what I mean) From what I can tell on twitter, Megan-Kate has my dream job. She works at the zoo. With animals. And SHHHHH! It is entirely possible that I think her job is cooler than pitching. Really, SHHHHHHHHH!

What seems like a lifetime ago, I worked at the zoo too. Mainly just with taking tickets at the front gate and camel rides, but when I got into college there was a whole season of working in horticulture that I still count as being my favorite job of all the jobs I’ve had. I got sweaty and dirty and stinky like a champ helping put in some of  the Jungle Trails landscaping, but I also slept amazingly well the entire time. I LOVED being at the zoo every day even it meant shoveling a lot of mulch and I still think it is one of my favorite places in this entire city, maybe even more than the ballpark (sorry GABP). I can sit and watch Red Pandas for days, and now that I’ve gotten into the photography thing, it’s been on my to-do list to take my camera and see what I can learn about photographing animals. The more connected I get to the garden and the animals in my life, the more I wish I would’ve stuck with that type of work. When I retire, I plan to go wander around the zoo until they realize I’m not an exhibit and stop feeding me.

Winning a basket full of things from the Zoo and the Reds – was a pretty sweet thing to happen.  Then I got it home and started to unpack it – and here’s the final awesome thing – when my husband saw all the things that were in the basket, and then later when I told a friend what was in it – they were both a bit in shock. Mainly because if someone were to custom make a basket full of all the things that I like most, it would be that basket. Red wine, coffee, things for my dogs, Reds things (including a JJ-signed ball!), Zoo things – there was even a Zoo shirt that was exactly something I would have picked out for myself and the right size. HOW COOL IS THAT? It’s kinda uncanny too, but SERIOUSLY COOL!

It included a stuffed Okapi – which is the animal you see in the pic. I like Okapis.  Probably because everyone gets them wrong – except for people who work at zoos. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it, but Eric, he never worked at a zoo. Okapis are like when you have one of those last names that no one gets right – even when it seems like it’s spelled pretty simple, but no one ever pronounces it right. I have one of those. It’s the white/black stripes that get mispronounced. Okapis aren’t in the zebra family, but people think zebra-mating went awry and poof – there’s an okapi. Me and the okapis – no one gets our geneology right.

There was even a book in the basket regarding meditation – which you know has been on my mind & in my writing lately – and flower seeds, including one for mallow. Which I’ve been looking for as an already started plant at the nursery and have not been able to find. Never dawned on me to get seeds (so I wasn’t the best horticulture employee…)

Then the topper, because when you’re around on social media, it’s nice to meet the people you tweet with – when I put my raffle ticket in the basket, I got to meet Megan-Kate and her dog Brewner. REALLY NICE LADY!!!  I always like it when you think people are nice and then you actually meet them and it turns out they’re nice. Makes the world so much better. Also, Brewner – true definition of “gentle giant”. Amazingly relaxed in a chaotic environment and much bigger than his twitter photographs. (Some day, Fred. Some day you will be that well behaved.)

JJ put it on twitter this morning that today is Megan-Kate’s birthday, and that everyone should blow up her phone with good wishes. I thought to myself, Cynthia, you could do that – or you could write her a birthday card. When you work hard on something and make it a thoughtful present, it’s a gift to know that the person who was on the receiving end really appreciates the work that you put into it. Megan-Kate, your basket was a very thoughtful present, and it ended up in the hands of someone who really appreciates all the things that went into it. It was a joy to meet you and Brewner. Thank you & I hope you have a great birthday! 

(Also, where’d you get the strawberry licorice?! That is GOOD!)

Friends, it’s another Yoga Teacher Training weekend – one of the last for this bit of training that I’m doing. Around 20 hours in the studio working on meridian theory, assisted Yin stretching, some Acro Yoga basics and learning all about Yoga Nidra. That’s my weekend schedule, and there isn’t much time for anything beyond that except eating and sleeping.

So, of course, my mind is also wandering to things I won’t be able to do – that are fun though I’m sure all my friends that go do them will be pining away and sighing “Oh, we wish Cynthia were here…” because that’s what y’all do when I’m not around, right? Ha!

First off, there’s this:

which you should absolutely watch.

Cincinnati Ballet is collaborating with local band Over the Rhine for a live concert/dance performance this weekend. This has been towards the top of my ‘must see’ list since the season was announced, but unfortunately my schedule just won’t let it happen. So, you should go in my stead. You’ll only have to chair dance a little to make it believable that I’m there.

Next, there’s this:

04-24-2014 1-24-26 PM

To which I am going and since it’ll be a whole heckuva lot of fun, I think you should come too. Provided you have a vagina. Girl’s only this time. Sorry fellas.


IT’S RUN THE BLUEGRASS WEEKEND!!!! and of course, I’m procrastinating with the packing. Does anyone really like to pack?

I’ve already gotten 2 huge and heavy boxes of yoga mats out to the car. Thank you Miss Passerby who pointed out the irony that I was getting my workout struggling to get a box of yoga mats in the car – and didn’t offer to help.  *insert blank stare here*

The race isn’t until Saturday morning, but I’m heading out today to see if I can put in some volunteer time at the expo and generally contribute. Especially since I can’t run the race after all. So, if you’re there and you see me, SAY HI!!!

BUT – if you’re not going down to horse country with me…

Friends, let me tell you – this is a *HARD* weekend to be away from home. There are some AWESOME things going on about town. One of those weekends where all the events seem to converge into a whirlwind of too many places to be at once. First – there’s this!

I had the opportunity to see a sneak preview rehearsal of Bolero last week and I don’t think I’ve been more sad to miss a performance all season.  Remember when I said Victoria Morgan doesn’t *do* boring with her choreography? In the preview, there were several moments where I sat forward in my seat and said “HOLY CRAP” under my breath. (Holy Crap! being a compliment and my favorite exclamation of surprise.) My peeps – this is easily a “4-Holy Crap” rated show.  If you go, make sure you watch the corners on the exits – if you don’t you are missing some cool stuff. A few jumps and spins and lifts that I’d need to see in slo-mo to even begin to sort them out.  I’ll also add that after seeing Rodrigo Almarales as Mordred in Camelot, and noticing him again in this rehearsal – this dancer is having one heckuva season! Certainly someone to watch as a shining star in the coming performances.

Also – um, there’s this baseball thing – if you like baseball – BWAHAHAHA.  OPENING DAY is MONDAY!!!! BUT – if you can’t wait until then, there’s a Reds pre-season exhibition game in Louisville w/ the Louisville Bats on Saturday night.  You have no idea how I racked my brain trying to figure out how I could be at the run on Saturday morning, sneak over to Louisville to catch this game, and make it back to Lexington for the post-race party at the Griffin Gate Marriott on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, there’s only one of me. And that girl needs to be in Lexington – so if you make it down to Louisville for the Bats game, have a big ole popcorn for me and scream nice things for JJ & Sam if they get called to the mound. ‘K? (But keep it clean, I’m a nice girl.)

FINALLY, if none of that floats your boat, it’s Final Friday downtown again. Which means the Acro Yoga Jam at You Do Yoga is ON! If you’ve ever been curious about Acro Yoga, this is a GREAT environment to give it a try – lots of talented, experienced people that are happy as larks to show newbies how to fly. At the very least, it’s pretty to watch – so stop in, look around, chat up the studio peeps, then head down the lane to grab a bite at MOTR and listen to some tunes. It’s an excellent use of your time, trust me.



Put this one up on Twitter last night and just wanted to move it over here too. Ya know, for posterity. Or some such thing.

Bits of tedium today – gotta pick up my taxes from my tax guy. Happy to have those done. Less happy to write the checks that go along with them – though in the balance of 3 returns, I usually end up on the green side.  It’s the first time I’ve hired someone else to do them. We’ll see. Work beckons. Vacuuming needs done. That kinda jazz.

Not what I’d like to be doing. But necessary. Life things. Aren’t they all life things, though?

On the calendar for this week – an invite to the 2014-2015 season announcement party from Cincinnati Ballet – pretty excited to know what’s coming up for that! – and the Heart Mini 15k on Sunday. Scored a free entry to that – not one of my favorites by any means, but a free entry is a free entry and it’ll be a good check-in on where things are at going into Run the Bluegrass. My knee = not happy. More about that later too.

Also on the calendar – taking a few moments to write more about the mediation questions I posed last week. Been filtering and processing the responses I’ve received on that, along with my own thoughts on the matter. Sometimes what’s most interesting about a thing isn’t the actual question or the answers – and that’s caught me a bit by surprise on this one.  In fact, I woke up thinking about it some more – along with a dream I had about Devin Mesoraco staring in ‘Mesoraco on Ice’  which was more roller derby and less Disney than what probably comes to mind.  He was pretty good – in that way that people are good at sports that you’ve dreamt up and have no idea what the actual rules are. Go Devin!

Is it baseball time yet? *sigh*

While I’m still gathering feedback on the mediation questions I posed yesterday, I thought I’d add a little humor to the day.

Here’s a shot of Rosie Red fundraising for the Reds Community Fund –


Rosie – you’re so funny! Yogis have no money.


(Okay – really she’s helping with a headstand. But seriously, doesn’t it look like she’s trying to shake the money out of her pockets?)

If you think “Cleveland Rocks!”, then it’s apparent you haven’t seen Mr. Red –


Friends, we could all use a little more air guitar in our lives. Complete with head thrown back and ‘peace-out’ walk-off.

First Spring Training game kicks off today – which is worth a little strumming and dancing around. Reds play against Cleveland at 3:05pm (ET).


Have fun out there today, guys!

The Reds posted on their Facebook page that it was “picture day” for the team – meaning headshots for the big screens and other media work on the to-do list.  So I thought I’d share one I like from my own stash of pics –


It’s one thing to do all the (very necessary) media work, but the things you do when no one is watching – or you set aside the fact that 30,000 people are watching – that says a bit about who you are too.  A moment like this is seen and unseen – things are going on out on the field, but the game hasn’t started yet. Most people are only halfway paying attention, if that. Everyone is waiting on first pitch – that’s when eyes will snap to attention. So yes, for the moment you’re out there, but the things you’re doing aren’t for the crowds.

If you ask Todd Frazier, I’d bet he had forgotten all about the crowd in that moment – just him & that kid were there – you can see it in his expression.

One of the Good Life Rules – A fist-bump with a kid should ALWAYS have your full attention.

The full squad was set to report to Goodyear for Spring Training yesterday – a thing that takes anticipation of Opening Day to a whole new level here in Cincinnati. The quiet murmurings of hope begin in December with Redsfest. Smiles get bigger when the Reds Caravan takes off & finishes up in January. A little Spring-Training in the step begins when Latos, LeCure, Hoover, Leake, et al show up to the practice mound on Pitchers & Catchers Reporting Day. But – Full Squad Day – it’s like the whole city begins to vibrate with a new kind of energy.  A hum that will only begin to escalate until the first float at the Opening Day Parade starts rolling. Then, PARTY ON!

Right now, no one wants to miss a single report of what is happening in Arizona – especially the funny stuff. Arizona, I am so jealous at the fun you are having.

We are such a baseball town. And I love it!


On a side note – was anyone else as tickled by the quote from Homer Bailey on Hal McCoy’s blog as I was?  On speaking about his now moot arbitration hearing, Bailey said “If I have to go I guess I’ll have to go buy a suit. And I don’t own a tie.” Growing up – and sometimes even now – I’ve always thought of millionaires as men in suits & ties. So thankful & amused that the world is changing to be more fun.

Congratulations on your new contract Mr. Bailey – it’s a wonderful life & I hope you never have to own a tie if you don’t want to.

The official start of Spring Training!

Although to be accurate, a lot of the players started showing up earlier this week, and a few even earlier than that (lookin’ at you Sam!). One thing I know – I’ve never shown up 1-2 weeks early for a job I didn’t LOVE.  Says a lot about our team that they’re itchin’ to get started on the work for the upcoming season.

Now – let’s LIGHT ‘EM UP!!!!



 Y’all – that title –  sometimes it’s like we’re all speaking through walkie-talkies with the acronyms for everything.

I thought about about acronyming ‘a somewhat likeable girl’  – except that that’s ASWL or ASWLG. Say that out loud. Go ahead. Dooooit.

No one wants to be an ‘asswall’, or to be ‘asswalling’.  Asswalling? What is asswa- ?  Back to our topic –

Last night I ventured down to MOTR to catch an interview Sam LeCure (@mrLeCure) was doing with C. Trent Rosecrans (@ctrent) & Josh Sneed (@joshsneed) for Blog Above Replacement.  Being that I had to miss Redsfest this year (& yet another opportunity to meet Sam in person),as soon as I heard about the event, it was on my calendar. I needed an injection of baseball talk. And y’all know I’m a big fan of Sam’s.

Friends – *that* was a DAMN GOOD TIME!  A LeCure interview is always worth listening too anyway – but WOW! That’s a good one and I strongly encourage you to listen to it all the way through (*cough* onceitsbeenposted *cough* – ctrent?) Some nice points, good stories (which got even better after the recording was off) and further confirmation of #63’s good-guy status in my world.  The bar kept the crowd on the small side so the venue felt more intimate than anything you’d find elsewhere. It was a really nice time.

This is also the part where I tell you I finally met him. Twice. Kind of. The first time I almost bumped straight into him and it startled me so much to realize who I’d avoided knocking into that I didn’t say anything.  But after everything was done and he was doing some signing of things – I sucked up the VERY BIG LUMP OF NERVES in my throat and went over to introduce myself. Except then he looked at me and said “I think I already know who you are, but go ahead -”

And any of the 3,000 gajillion cool things that I thought I might have said went straight ‘out my head. I should’ve expected an awesome pitcher to catch me off guard on my turn to bat. 🙂

What? You know who I am? Dude! That’s not how this goes! HAAHA! Yeah. Tongue-tied.  And then some lame fangirl crap came out of my mouth, but that’s okay. I met Sam! How cool is that? I’ll take lame for a minute over not at all. I’d put up a tweet earlier in the day that said I’d have on a scarf if he saw me in the crowd, so I can only guess that’s how he knew.  I’ll also say that I talked to his girlfriend for a minute or two in passing and she is so nice! I always like seeing nice people together. 

Also – MOTR has food!! How did I not know this already?!! I saw online that they had a menu so the Mr. & I went down early to get a burger. It was pretty good! Peeps – MOTR is a block from the yoga studio where I teach and I did not know they had food.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve been in the studio late and left to venture forth for sustenance when I would rather have stayed nearby to go back – like on Final Friday Acro nights or after my Thursday night class ends. NOW I KNOW! Food – it’s good for you. Also – MOTR has a writer’s night of sorts that I think I want to get details on.

So anyway – once the recording gets posted – go take a listen if you’ve got time for a laugh or two. I think the next CDOT is at MOTR sometime in January. Go check that out too!

and running and training plans and how late sunrise is now…