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Mistery Mystery

Posted: 06/10/2012 in Photos, Uncategorized
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When we were gutting the kitchen Summer before last, between the layers of old linoleum, plywood, and ancient painted oak subflooring, there were layers of newspapers. Mostly from the 1970’s – 1976, I think. Not a huge find, but it added a bit of interest to an afternoon of prying hundreds of nails and industrial staples out of the floor with a crowbar.

Two weeks ago, Eric commenced with tearing off our front porch – one more step in a really huge project we’ve undertaken. At the bottom of the pile of rubble getting loaded on the dump truck was this beautiful piece – torn from the roofing:

So tell me, how does a piece of metal, with the name of a village in Wales (Pontymister) – a village that specializes in scrap steel from steam trains – come to be part of a 110+ year-old roof on a porch in Cincinnati, Ohio not too far from the train tracks?

Now *that*, my friends, is way more interesting than a 1976 inter-linoleum Enquirer.

I swear, if my tetanus shot were up to date, I would just want to hang this on a wall as art and pet it all the time. Tell me that “C. Vos” isn’t the most gorgeous script ever. Absolutely amazing.