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You start like this, and then you turn like this, move your leg this way…except in the air


I love curiosity when I see it.

That irresistible urge – when we see something we don’t quite understand –

to linger and stare. As children do.

To try to figure out the architecture of it. See how it works.  To ask

Whatchya doin?

Friends, *whew*! I have been a busy girl!

Lots of things going on! All good and fun and happy.  All of which make it a bit of difficult to sit down and write – so this is going to be a piecemeal kind of quickie (you’re welcome), but some of the things that are going on are pretty cool and I should probably get them all shared with you.

First – since thanks to the Reds Social Media night on 8/9 (which was really fun and I have some things I want to write about that SOON (before I forget them)), I’ve made a LOT more Twitter friends that are Reds fans, I want to tell you that I’ll be there this upcoming Sunday 8/25 – which happens to be Cincinnati Ballet’s Day at the ballpark.

Baseball, ballet and the opportunity to take photos of both? SWOON! I am SO THERE! 

If someone handed me an egg sandwich and a German Shepherd puppy, I just don’t think I could get any happier.  It’s like all of my favorite things in one big stadium-sized basket!  Cincinnati Ballet has a day at the ballpark to benefit their CincyDance! program. From the Reds website:

“…[CincyDance!] program which brings dance and arts education to schools and community centers. This program provides free ballet classes and scholarships to young people with no previous formal dance training. Cincinnati Ballet aspires to take a long-term approach to exposing children from a wide range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to ballet, and to give them the chance to learn both the discipline and the joy of dance in a safe, structured and supportive environment.”

You can get discounted tickets to the game by using the promo code BALLET on the Reds ticket website. It’s like you’d be watching baseball for a good cause y’all!  So GO!

And if you’re at the game –  I’ll be there solo – give me a tweet (twit?) at @swlikeablegirl to say hi.

I’ll also be at the ballpark  Friday night 8/23, but that’s kind of a date night with the husband…and then I’m also celebrating my birthday at the game on 9/3 (Cardinals series!!) and heading out there with the in-laws on 9/4.

Peeps – it has been raining Reds tickets in my world this week, and I am totally okay with that.

Speaking of the ballet – it’s almost September again, which means as baseball season starts to wind down, dance season starts.  The Kaplan New Works Series will be firing up again mid-September and it looks like it’s going to be AMAZING! Ballet to Johnny Cash. Really, do I need to say more? Okay, how about I say Patric Palkens is the guy in the promo/ad with the tattoo on his stomach – remember when I wrote about him?  GO!

Been taking photos at Final Friday Acro Yoga again – posted another album and got an amazing response to the pics! YAY! Still building my confidence with putting photos out into the world. This one in particular got an amazing response:


For me personally, I see a lot of joy in that photo – everyone looks happy – and the thought that that’s what people are responding to makes me really happy. Taking the picture brings me joy.

Getting the 5:30AM yoga class off the ground has been SLOOOOOW! Way slower than I thought it would be, but I’m tremendously lucky that my friends (the studio owners) are being really supportive and are trying to help me figure out how to make it work.  I think I’ll have some changes coming up mid-September on the approach and we’ll see what that does with getting more yogis in my door.  In some ways, the slow start has been good because it’s given me an opportunity to work out the kinks in my teaching style as a newbie with a much smaller audience.  So, that’s less embarrassing than I think it would be. I’ve got another friend opening up her own studio in October and we’re working on my picking up a few classes there, so that will increase my teaching opportunities as well.  AND – the 500-hour training program kicked off last weekend – so there’s that kind of busy coming my way too. Yikes! Who knew there would be so much homework in yoga class?!

I’m registered for the Hudy 14k on September 21st.  I did that one 2-years ago – the 7k – and let’s just say there were some extremely awkward technical difficulties (*cough* forgot to put down the 7k turnaround markers then ran out of lots of things*cough*). It will be interesting to revisit that in year 3 and see the changes they’ve made. 

I think I have another race before that though – a friend is on the Board of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Race scheduled for Sept 7th that I’d like to go support – Cancer is a scary mean bitch – and I say that knowing full well I just cussed. Unfortunately that’s also the day that I’m throwing a paint party at my house AND the weekend I promised I’d go cheer some friends on at the Rev3 70.3 in Cleveland.  Holy calendar confusion!  We’ll see how that all works out.

I’ve got some more even than that to add in – some cool running stuff, a change-up (again) in the training plan, an update on the shoulder injury – but “quickie” turned into 900+ words already – so I’m going to save them up for later.  I’ve got a few more photos from Final Friday Acro Yoga that I’ll be putting up in the meantime – feedback encouraged!

Keep the peace! And give me a holler if you make that 8/25 Reds game! (Please!)

I’ve had starting points on the brain, Peeps. The places where we begin.  Circling around, these thoughts are.

As I mentioned, I’ve been starting some things lately – starting distance running again, starting to learn aikido, starting to teach yoga. Beginnings of a different kind, each of them.  Beginning again something I have done before. Beginning something I have never done. Beginning a new role as teacher in a thing I have done for a long time.


There is a banner that usually hangs in the downtown yoga studio that says “always keep to the beginner’s mind”. I love that banner. The more I think of that banner, and the more dreams I reach for, the more I love that banner. Then I think about that banner some more. It’s been taken down recently to create space for an art exhibit, but I still look to it’s space whenever I am there and consider my state of mind.

IMG_1708_edit A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of watching a friend of mine endure a rather grueling blackbelt test. One of the most difficult physical contests I have ever witnessed. As part of the proceedings, the sensei spoke about how the achievement of a blackbelt is not a completion of training, but rather, a beginning. A transition.

Then recently, I had an opportunity (which I took) to sub in as teacher for a Yoga for Beginners class.  I knew about this opportunity almost a month ahead of time and made it a point to go take that teacher’s class so I could see her approach, have familiarity with the progress of her students. After which I sat down to (over-) think it through –  what does a beginner need to know? what is most important? what do I want to share with them?  I let some friends know I was doing this class, as many have expressed wanting to check out my newbie teaching, and I got one response that kind of surprised me. A friend said she didn’t think she would be interested in a beginner class, she was too advanced. As soon as she said it, my knee-jerk thought – “I don’t think you understand what advanced means.”  I didn’t say that aloud, but the thought resounded with me.

What does it mean to be a beginner?

It used to be that when I would start a new thing – really didn’t matter what it was – I would prepare in advance. Do homework ahead of time. Make sure I had the practice in and every confidence that I knew the answers before I ever entered class. I felt well armed. I would spend my energy proving what I already knew and trying to fit the context of new information into the grid of knowledge I’d already created. Trust me when I say, that is an EXHAUSTING approach to being in the world. But still, each to their own and that is one way to do things.

Lately, when I begin a new thing, I’ve taken to trying to dump anything I might already know about it out of my head. Acknowledge for myself that there are some things I might know, but that I might find I don’t know anything at all once I really start to learn something. I let myself be dumb. It’s an interesting feeling to do that – thoughts leap up to you, pushing questions up to block the new learnings – trying to get you back inside the box of what you already know.  But I shush them down, tell them to listen. Hand reigns over to imagination. “Because I am stupid, I am free.” I let the information come to me instead of forcing myself upon it. Again, each to their own but I’ve found this way of doing things GLORIOUS. Relaxing even. And I think I am learning even better for it.

If that what it means to begin a thing, then what does it mean to be advanced?

To me, the same thing.  Maybe it’s my age speaking, but the longer I’m in the world, the more I come to realize that someone who is advanced knows they are always beginning – does not dismiss beginners. Each time you step to a yoga mat, take the first stride on a run, cross the threshold of the dojo – you’re at a beginning. Of that day. Of that task.  In application, when I come to the yoga mat as an experienced student taking a beginner’s class, I use that opportunity to begin all over again. Re-examine my form. Sometimes a simple movement – a beginner’s movement – can be made harder just by slowing it down – being more particular with details of the movement. Checking your stride. Dropping deeper into a lunge. Lowering a push-up more slowly to the floor and rising up again even more slowly. Or the opposite – speeding it up. If a beginner is doing 3 sun salutations, can you get in a 4th or even a 5th in the same amount of time?

To me, being advanced means FINDING A WAY TO PUSH YOUR OWN LIMIT no matter what the task at hand is. A beginner learns the sun salutations, but even the most advanced of students still practices them. A person who says – I’ve perfected sun salutations so I’m going to stop doing them –  is a fool.

Not really sure what my end thought is for this – probably because I’m focused on beginnings – so my first sentence has more of my focus than my last. But I am curious how others feel on the topic. What do  you think beginning/being advanced means? If you’re advanced at something, what would your approach to a beginner’s class be? Would you even bother with a beginner’s class?


Atomic Number Ten

Update #1 – it really does take about 3 days to get the smell of Desitin off all yer parts. You needed to know that.  Really. You did.

Soooo much to remember about the long runs – and getting re-educated fast.

With generally neglecting this place while I got busy with being out in the world, I figure an update is overdue – and let me tell you – I have some VERY EXCITING THINGS to tell you. But I can’t tell you about them yet.  Nope. Not gonna. Made promises. Can’t.  These lips are SEALED. Until they aren’t sealed – when I’m just gonna blabberblabbityblab all over you.  But ’til then. Nada.

I know – I TOTALLY SUCK. But here’s what I can tell you –

The running thing – it’s been going pretty well. Like I said, up until last weekend’s long run, I was putting my time into developing my short run approach and hitting the trail at work regularly. Then the running groups came back from a short break and I decided to start going along. I have some long runs in my future. I haven’t picked a fall race yet, thought Indy is a contender, but fo sho I will be doing Run the Bluegrass again next year – which by the way, has a super cheap early registration ($60) weekend coming up next weekend – go check out their site! So I’ve started adding the distance back in  – and the hill repeats.  I gotta say – group did a 5 mile hit of hill repeats on Wednesday and I killed them! A little slower than I wanted – but they were the kind of hills that usually do me in and this time I powered through every. single. freaking. repeat. – a total of 9 of them.  Who’s a rock star? THIS GIRL!

 A closeup on the art of my beautiful friend Erin –

Also, I haven’t missed a week yet on doing my trail runs – except that I’ll probably miss this week due to some yoga stuff. Unless I can figure out how to get it done.  Which I still might. Seriously loving the trail runs right now!!!

You Do Yoga Cincinnati

You Do Yoga Cincinnati

I “officially” started teaching yoga at the beginning of July.  So far class attendance has been a little small – it’s a 5:30am class – did I say A. M.?, yes, I said A.M.  (I totally heard THE VERY FIRST BIRD of the day start up the other day it’s that freakin’ early) – that’s a little hard on growing a following, but these things take time to build. I have patience. Oodles & oodles of patience.  Frankly, the small class size has been nice while I get used to teaching and working out the kinks in my style. Smoothing my approach. Putting playlists together. Did I mention that I really like it? I like teaching. I like making people feel good about themselves and their bodies and moving in a good way.  (Also, kudos to the husband who has been getting up with me to go to my class!)

Of course the yoga studio is right next door to a bar

I also “officially” started my 500-hour teacher training for yoga! This girl – gettin’ more legit! More serious! More dedicated! I’ve been in an Anatomy & Physiology Intensive all this week that’s harder than my average work day.  But it’s okay. I’m kind of an A&P geek. I love knowing how a body works! Seriously athlete friends, if you have a chance to get your range of motion assessed – DO IT!! It is a seriously freeing experience. When people say things like “my body just doesn’t do that” – guess what? They’re usually right. Now I know the  science of why.  I’m also learning that Humbert’s Cherry Lime drink – which I discovered at a shop down the street from the yoga studio while on a break –  would be awesome with some muddled mint and vodka in it….that thought right there has me a bit preoccupied.

Started a new thing too. Aikido.  The dojo is a serious place. SERIOUS. In the way where I’ve come to understand that ‘aikido’ is Japanese for ‘buy more ice packs’. It’s a multi-art dojo, but when I’m there we mostly do aikido. Right now, everyone is being pretty easy on me because I’ve only been at it a month and am still learning how to fall decently, but I’ve managed to get more than one fugly bruise every week, jacked up my wrist practicing on my own and got my toe jammed with a nasty wince and cuss word. But I’m learning some really cool shit peeps! Aikido is freakin’ amazing!  I know there’s some weird juxta-positioning of yoga and aikido going on in someone’s mind – like, how can you practice martial arts and yoga – which is a peaceful practice – simultaneously? But if you have a good understanding of martial arts, then you understand that practicing something like aikido actually enhances a peaceful mindset – it doesn’t detract from it. It’s weird, but it’s very true. I found that with kickboxing too. Everyone always jokes that “I better not joke with you or you’ll kick my ass”, but honestly – that couldn’t be further from my state of mind most of the time. Some day I’ll make an effort to explain it, but that’s not today.


Still working on the photo thing. I’ve gotten some pretty huge compliments too!  Mostly I’ve been doing some friend and family events which I can’t share here. The idea of putting photos up of someone’s kids/family on the internet weirds me out.  So not too much I can put up to show you – but one of my friends asked me if she could use a couple of my photos as gifts and that meant a LOT to me – that she thought that highly of the pics I took.  Been learning about the differences in resolution and getting prints made between a screen and print work. Learning more about editing.  Learning more about action photography – one of the events I shot was a friend’s blackbelt test in the dojo – that was some FAST movement!! So, upping my skill level whenever I have a chance.


I was so busy shooting and editing those photos that I didn’t get to share these with you sooner. All the pics on this post are from what is called “Final Friday” – the last Friday of every month most of the vendors on Main Street and some surrounding streets stay open really late. It’s like a mini-street festival. These pics are from end of April. Since the Yoga studio is on Main St, they do an open house of sorts too – usually showcasing work for a local artist and doing “Acro Yoga” – which I think the pics pretty much explain. If I’m Downtown for Final Friday – this is usually where you’ll find me. (I’m behind the lens on these.) Oh, and by the way, Final Friday for July is tomorrow.


So, I meant to write this post last Thursday for “Thursday Series” but then decided to put it off to Friday because it would be the last day of the month and I thought it would be better on the last day of the month. A monthly recap thingy. (See how bad I am at this Thursday thing already?) Then I got busy with the yoga weekend thing and now here it is Monday. And the 3rd of June. Which is not a Thursday or the last day of the month. But I’m still thinking about what I was thinking about, so there’s that.

Awhile ago I started reading this blog about trail running and on a fairly regular basis, Eric – the author – would write about “Can-Do Moments”.  Those moments when you cross over the line between ‘can I?’, ‘maybe?’ to “Wow! I really can do this!.” I like that phrase – “can-do moment”.

I’ve been thinking about my own can-do moments a lot over the last week.  Life has been kind lately. Passing them out like candy to the point that gratitude is overwhelming me.

Originally, on Thursday  Friday, I was going to write about my own trail running. If you recall, at the end of April, I set my mind to mastering the trail at my office with a specific goal of getting out on that trail at least once a week. It’s a pretty challenging trail but it’s well maintained and gravel. The problems I’ve had with it are mostly about consistency – not getting on it consistently and somehow expecting my pavement time to make that trail easier. That doesn’t work. Inconsistency rarely works for me.

On Friday, I was having a long day and wasn’t feeling like my trail run. But I thought – do it and you’ll have the goal for the month. You can write that you did it  – have yourself a can-do moment. And I did it. I went out there that Friday and I buckled down and did my work and I was really proud of that. I had made it out on that trail at least once a week for all of May! GO ME! I’d seen deer multiple times. I’d been dive-bombed by bees. Crossed paths with chipmunks. Once, I passed some co-workers on a hill and later they stopped me to say how strong I looked running that hill – which was what made me think of the can-do moment thing. Not only am I running that trail regularly – but I’m looking good doing it! (Okay, so I’m a little vain.)

I’ll also say that somewhere in this month of doing these runs, they’ve stopped being a vendetta chore. I’ve actually started looking for forward to them except for when I don’t. I catch myself standing up in my cube multiple times a morning to look out the windows across from me and check the weather – thinking how pretty it is, how that air will smell nice (It smelled GREAT today!) and the sun coming through the leaves makes me happy. When I look out there, I start tapping my foot and calculating several times how many more minutes I’ve got until I can justifiably go to lunch and get this run done.

I’m really loving these trail runs. When I don’t want to do the trail run, it’s never about the trail. It’s always about something else – a deadline, a sore ass, not enough sleep. Never about running and never about the trail. Also, I find myself wishing I did more trail runs than pavement runs.  So there’s that.

Then this weekend came and I went and got myself all certified to teach yoga. I’M A YOGA TEACHER!! 200-hour course DONE! MAJOR CAN-DO MOMENT! And I’ve got a plan to start teaching 2 mornings a week before work. I’ve worked it out with my boss to make it happen. Peeps – this is a thing I am VERY HAPPY – capital letter HAPPY – about!!

Finally came today. After 2 intense 90-minute yoga classes over the weekend, I was sore. I felt good, but I was pretty sore in my core, a little sore in my legs. I thought to myself – just pack up the gym bag anyway. I always like to have a packed gym bag at the office. From my view over the cube, I saw a breeze running through the trees and sunshine on leaves and I thought – it looks pretty nice out there. Go, even if you’re sore. You’ll regret it if you don’t. So I went and as I got started I said – just get through the first mile. You’ll feel better when the first mile is behind you. And I did. Then I went into the loop and I thought three different times about cutting it short before I reminded myself –  You’re out here to get stronger – and this is how you do that, you don’t cut it short when it feels hard. You’re running up a hill – it’s SUPPOSED TO FEEL HARD if you’re doing your work.  So I ran the loop, and I went to the overlook and I almost talked myself into NOT going up the set of 20 steep stairs that mark the halfway point. But I said to myself – SELF, the top of these is the best part of this whole run. If you aren’t going up them, why did you run up here? So I went up them and I took the pause to survey all the land, watch the birds for a moment – remind myself what about this is a good idea –

when I saw her.

Two honey-colored leaf-shaped ears and big brown eyes looking up at me from a grassy low-spot – the dark green field grass so tall it was chest high to her and I couldn’t see her legs. A beautiful, healthy doe. So odd that she was all alone – I usually see at least 2 or 3 together, but I didn’t see anyone others near and she didn’t look sick. If I hadn’t made myself climb those stairs, I never would’ve seen her. And I thought to myself – what an awesome reward for doing my work today!

Then I took a deep breath, turned it around and started back – looking back to see her still watching me even as I got further away. Course reversed – it was the back part of the out and back – and usually the part I get tired. Back is harder. Maybe I should cut it short here? Nope – go do the run the way it should be done. You’ve got good weather today – this won’t last much longer. Enjoy it now. Make your left back into the loop and do the whole thing. So I did. Talked myself through the inclines that hurt and the steep parts that hurt worse and smiled when the down hill came. And just as I came through the final curve in the loop,

I spooked something in trees just in front of me, right before the path opens up. I caught a glimpse of honey-brown and knew my deer had taken the short cut I’d passed on. I’d dropped out of the loop about 10ft behind her and she’d trotted across the only piece of road I cross on this trail. As the bushes opened up I noticed she wasn’t alone.

The tiniest, sparkly white-speckled, knock-kneed fawn I’d ever seen was 3-ft from her. Both of them about 15-ft from me now.

She hadn’t been alone in the grass – the grass had just been taller than the fawn. Peeps – it was soooooo pretty my eyes watered. Up until mama turned and licked little’s butt. Awk-ward! C’mon – this is real life, not Disney. Apparently, deer mommas lick fawn butt. There you have it. I decided to un-see that part. I stopped and waited for mama to pick a safe direction – and for her and little to move off the trail – little stopping one last time to take a good look at me.  How could I not be completely awestruck? Friends – seeing that was a better reward for doing all my work the way I should have than I ever would’ve asked for. If I hadn’t done every little bit of that work, and let myself enjoy it – my timing would’ve been off and I wouldn’t have gotten to see any of that.  If I’d said – hey, I’m tired and I worked out all weekend, I’m skipping it – I wouldn’t have seen that. If I hadn’t committed to this goal of mastering this trail, I would’ve cut it short and then shorter, and missed all of that.

Knowing that you got to see something AMAZING because you did all your work and you’ve been dedicated to your goal.

Friends, that’s a can-do moment. Humbled, amazed, lucky, proud, in trail love. All at the same time.

And the Summer is just getting started.

This is what I thought to myself on the way back of an “out & back” on the office trail.

I LOVE IT!!  when I talk dirty to myself that way on a run! LOL!

It’s about 50-degrees, sunny with a nice breeze – perfect running weather to knock out 3 miles.  I think I’ve mentioned before that the (pea gravel) trail at my office is decently challenging – very little flats, pretty steep ups including several steep enough that they put in those wide-rail park style steps.  When I first started running it a few years ago, it completely kicked my ass. My improvement on that ass-kicking has been sporadic. Except that towards the end of last year it seemed like something clicked, and *justlikethat* I was feeling fierce about the whole thing.

This year – THIS SUMMER – I’m going to try and make it a point to get 3 miles in on that trail at least once a week, weather permitting.

It will be my bitch before the end of the running season. No doubt about it.


Tomorrow marks the 1-year birthday of this blog.  Which makes me ask myself if this blog is on track for what I want it to be, and what do I want to keep/stop doing with it.

On the whole, I’m pretty darn happy with it. I feel like it still expresses who I am honestly, and it hasn’t turned into the cluttered mess of memes and DIY projects that my prior blog did. (Don’t bother. I’m not linking to it. I deleted it and privatized it and poured water over it’s head as it screamed some nonsense about melting the flying monkeys.)

However, I am going to try a new thing beginning in May. Starting on Thursdays – until I run out of material.

I’m going to be creating a little series based out of the kitchen. I’m not into posting about recipes or nutrition – experts are out there far more qualified to write about such things – but I have noticed a gap between recipes and nutrition that I’d like to try and fill. Either it will work or it won’t.  I look forward to hearing what you think about it.

I hope to continue putting up more photographs as I continue to practice working with my camera.

I might consider writing some pieces on the types of yoga I’m wanting to teach since they aren’t exactly mainstream – though, again, there are experts out there with blogs dedicated only to that.

If I go somewhere cool, and especially if I take pictures there, I plan to tell you about it.

And while the yoga teacher training weekends are going to put a cramp in my running calendar here and there, I still look forward to writing more race recaps as I put a bead on my 5k goal and work towards crushing it. I don’t have any long distance runs on the horizon, so I’m not going to stress about those goals until I pick something specific. Right now, I want a faster foot turnover and pace on my 5k. I feel like if I focus improvement there, it’ll trickle down to improvements across all the distances.

A bit of where we’ve been in the past year, a lot of where we’re at now, and a bit more about where we’re going in the indeterminate future.

I hope you come along.  A heartfelt thank you for reading and following.

The ways we grow

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Yoga studio, yoga teacher training.


First most important urgent message: Yes, that’s plastic.

Second not quite as important message: Yes, we use a skeleton in yoga teacher training. Gots ta know dem bones!

Somehow, a girl I know – who has a mile-wide shy streak and usually does her best not to be in the center of a room – got up in the middle of a roomful of people and taught her very first yoga class this past weekend. Okay, she’s me.

And peeps – I did good.

Don’t get me wrong, the first 3 minutes or so were absolutely terrifying, and it wasn’t flawless – but, it went so much better than I’d hoped. The feedback from my classmates was amazing (and helpful) and frankly, I’m just really proud of myself right now. Shy me didn’t chicken out! And I think I could do it again, and probably again after that. 

Which is a really good thing since I spent a chunk of change to learn this stuff. Whew! Pressure off! for now.  Three more sessions to go before I’ll have my 200-hour certification, then a tiny break and on into the next 300-hour training.  I’ll be able to start teaching in June.

Now that I made it through my first teaching experience, the mini-goal is to sit down and work out one new class script a week. That way when June comes, I can start working on finding some teaching experience and I’ll have some classes laid out in case anyone says yes.

A year ago, I just wasn’t in the place for this and the idea of standing in the middle of a room with all eyes on me would probably have stopped me from trying. 

A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered that I could take pictures just for the sake of taking them and that anyone else would want to see them – that I could have fun taking them and editing them and putting myself out there. But then Saturday someone told me I should consider framing some things up and doing a little show. My response was: I don’t have enough material yet to come up with any kind of a theme.


Not – no way, no how. Just – not yet.

And yesterday, when a group was talking about #bostonstrong runs going on in the city today, I told the organizer that I could lead a group if we had a lot of people show up. People have been telling me for a few years now that I should consider coaching a run group and I’ve alwayes shied off of it. They probably won’t need me to do it tonight, but it doesn’t change the fact that I printed out routes and set my mind to it, that if they do need me, I’ll be helpful. I’ll give it a try.

Look at me – trying, doing, being.  These odd things. It all feels odd. 

Like I tripped on a carpet tack and stumbled into someone else’s life.


Sidenote – I would like to encourage the commenting, and wordpress tells me that I should encourage the commenting by asking a question. But that feels pretty odd too – just making up some random question. But apparently I’m into odd at the moment.  So…um…yeah. WTH? Does that qualify as a question?

…and do all of that at the same time if you please.


There has been a whirrrrrlwind of activity going on around me! I mentioned that I’d had more time for ideas than writing lately, and that’s because a lot has been going on. I have updates! So, in other words, this post is going to be part data dump and part trying to keep up with my own bad self. Come keep me company…

First – I got the date for my very first student-teaching yoga class!! YAY!! April 21st, here I come! Except wait! That’s only a month to get my plan for a class together. Can I do it? Am I ready? We’ll still have a couple weeks of learning to do that I haven’t done yet! Honestly – some days, I feel like I could just drop in and teach a yoga class right that moment without a plan ahead of anything. Other days The Shy kicks in and asks me “what the heck? are you really going to get up in front of people and do this?”. Yes, Shy. Suck it up. It’s going to happen.

Mostly though, I’m genuinely excited. I know how great I feel when I’ve gotten some time in moving my body – and honestly, I think I respect my body the most wherever it’s at in a given day – when I’m doing yoga. You meet the mat where you’re at – and it’s always accepting of that. The idea of sharing that self-respect with other people thrills me.

Second – 2 weeks ago, I asked if I could bring my camera to our yoga teacher training and do a creative exercise in photography. I got the green light, and to make a long story short – I put an album of photos out into the world for more than just my friends to see. Putting creativity out in the world like that – for me – ACK! People might see my stuff! They might actually have opinions about my photos! Holy heck, WHAT AM I DOING? It’s a freak-out festival, foh shure.

Not that I really expected anyone to point, laugh and say YOU SUCK! – but…well, I did kind of expect that too. Just nicer. I kinda wanted to go ostrich and put blinders on and cover my ears. Ya know, just in case I was wrong about liking them myself. So I wouldn’t feel the bazinga-sting of being ridiculously wrong.  But Saturday – two of the girls in yoga class told me how much they really liked the photos! And that didn’t count the likes on Facebook. They like me! They really like me! One said she’d gone through them several times, she liked them so much. VALIDATION!!! Yay! (I’m stopping here to hug myself for a second. (No, that’s not a metaphor.))

So anyway, that was a really good thing and I’m pretty happy about it. Especially, since I have a few other events on the horizon to go play photobug.

Now, for things that aren’t going so well…

Running plan for Run the Bluegrass = stuck on the Bridge to Nowhere.  There just hasn’t been any time at all to get the higher mileage in. And it’s only a half. A 13.1. Grrr. The furthest I’ve run to date is 8.74 miles and my hips and ankles (which don’t usually bother me) were a bit cranky afterward.  That was a 3-mile jump in distance too. Seriously – no time for the mileage. Been struggling to make 2 runs a week happen steadily and anything over 6 and I can’t even fathom carving it out of the day.

Can I do the 13.1? Yes. I can get it done. The very first half-mar I did, I only trained to 8 miles – and then I had no idea what I was doing. Now…I know more. I’m a better runner. I KNOW I can finish 13.1 tomorrow if I have to. But do I want to? Should I? I went into this for a fun run – no time pressure – just to see the pretty horses and spend a nice weekend with my husband.  If I push for the half – will I still be able & wanting to do anything else? I’ve signed us up for 2 horse farm tours. There’s also a distillery tour we want to take and an aviation museum to peruse. Will I want to do all that walking? There’s a 7-mile option available also. I’m seriously considering downgrading, owning up to the fact that my other interests have taken the priority right now. I don’t really have to make a choice until the expo, I guess.

Also, I think I’ve managed to tear a muscle in the front of my shoulder. You know, the one you use when you pump your arms on hills. ICK. At some point, I will surrender to the fact that I suck at arm balances. Need to work on them a lot more. Trying to learn a new one, without enough prep work on it, did a bad, bad thing to my shoulder on Saturday morning. Then I went and did about 30 vinyasas (yes, 30) on it yesterday. It hurts. A lot.

Which completely sucks double suckiness because the trainer I really, really like is back to teaching my morning boxing/bootcamp. So I’m back to the 5:30am thing. Or I was. Twice. And really happy about it. Until I had to skip it today because, well – OUCH. You really can’t throw a good hook without a healthy deltoid. Or a lot of pain. You choose. I chose to sleep in today. So…now I’m supposed to work on vinyasas hardcore for the next month with a bum left shoulder. *sigh*

At least I’ll have a week of vacation at the end of this month to figure it all out – and catch up – and slow down – all at the same time. Sooo looking forward to that.

Tell me peeps, what should I do? what should I do? 7, 13.1?

The first weekend of YTT is resolved.

It was intense. I learned a lot – particularly that what yoga teachers have to know is severely underrated – or at least in the school I’m going to. I’m not going to run off and start performing surgery on anyone or anything, but we spent at least 6 hours talking about bones – between conversations on facia (we loooove facia!!!) and philosophy and 3 different yoga practices.

I also know I’m weird. Not that I was surprised by this.

I know I’m weird, because when we were all zen like talking about the differences in individual bones – and looking at slides like this:

and this:

My happy imagination slapped some eyeballs on that sucker and turned it into this:

 And then this:

Predator Loves You

Or more specifically this:

Predator Loves Your Bangs