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Today is not Thursday.

That’s what I keep repeating to myself trying to pound it into my brain.

Today is NOT Thursday. Today is NOT Thursday. Today is REALLY. NOT. Thursday.

I don’t know why it is that certain days have a feel to them enough that you can say, today feels like Thursday even though it’s not. I know it’s not because my underwear tells me so. (just-kidding! I haven’t owned days-of-the-week underwear since some time in my late teens when I had hard time explaining why Thursday went missing…story for no other time ever because this is also the part where I just make shit up to entertain myself.)

Humans are weird. Some of them own panties with weekdays scribbled on them.

I digress.

Last Wednesday, with being off for the Fourth of July holiday, I had a 9am run scheduled. A morning run is usually a Saturday thing. Last Wednesday definitely felt like a Saturday. I’m sure the beer and street parades later in the day had something to do with that too. But mainly I blame the Saturday run, which happened on Wednesday this time.

It. started. it all.

Then going back to work on Thursday – Thursday felt like a Monday. Discombobulated? Not nearly enough sleep? Possibly hungover? Dozens of emails expecting coherent responses? Yep, Monday. Except that it was Thursday.

And then Friday just felt all fucked-up. Am I Friday? I’ve got so much shit to do – I JUST DON’T KNOW! Maybe I’m Wednesday… It was having an identity crises as I rushed to get all the Wednesday pile-up done.

I work from home on Tuesdays. So Tuesdays usually have a slightly more relaxed feel to them even though I’m more intensely focused on the work I’m doing. Comfy pants. Good coffee. Bare feet. Throwing the random dog toys that get dropped on my computer keyboard throughout the day. Ya know, Tuesday. Well, a weekend of 100-degree temperatures kept me inside knocking out some photo-editing I needed to finish. At home spending long stretches at the computer also = Tuesday. Saturday & Sunday were both Tuesdays.

Then Monday swept in and kicked everyone into gear. Nothing like a 5:30am Monday bootcamp to hit the reset button on all the fucked-up-ed-ness. It was all I AM MONDAY BEYOTCHES!!! STEP IN LINE!

Weekday holiday = twice the jerk Monday!

Tuesday felt like it’s normal laid back self. FINALLY. A day that is as it should be – normal! Except that last week, I didn’t have to work Wednesday and Tuesday spent all day rocking in the corner and whispering to itself ‘tomorrow is sleep in and beer day! Yay!’. My brain wants last week back with all its beer and greasy food and sparkly things and 3 Tuesdays. Tuesday wants more friends.

And now, even though I spent the morning at bootcamp jumping around like a monkey – which is definitely a Wednesday thing – my brain is all about it being Thursday. Because if there aren’t sparkly things, it must not be Wednesday. My brain is in complete denial of Wednesday and has moved on to Thursday.

But today is NOT Thursday. Today is REALLY NOT Thursday.